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Learn the Difference Between Positive and Negative Terminals for Your Car Battery Quickly and Easily!

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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So, you’re stranded in a band mall parking lot with a dead battery. Appreciatively, there’s a kind passerby who’s eager to give you a jump start, and you’ve got jumper hawsers in the trunk. But there’s just one problem—you don’t know how to hang them up.

Why? Because you can’t recollect which battery terminal is positive and which is negative. Hopefully, you’ve become your smartphone handy, so you can view this article and get amplification. Then you can get a jumpstart and (hopefully) be back on the highway.

What Color is Positive on a Car Battery?

Some people wonder: Is red positive on a car battery? And the answer is: Yes—at the slightest maximum of the time. Typically, there is a red caring cover (or a black cover featuring a red plus (+) sign) over the positive battery incurable. The cover is there to prevent unintended shorting.

Of course, from time to time that cover is missing, and you have to look for other clues. Fortunately, most series also have a plus (+) and minus (-) sign impressed into the case., As you might deduct, the plus sign indicates the positive battery incurable, while the minus sign indicates the bad battery terminal. In many cases, the battery chain itself will also be red in color. Though sometimes it’s black (or just really dirty), so you can’t continually go by color alone.

What Color is Negative on a Car Battery?

Service Charging Battery
Service Charging Battery

The negative battery chain is almost always black in color. But, as mentioned, the positive cable may also seem black. That’s why you should constantly look for the plus (+) and minus (-) signs printed into the battery case.

Jumpstarting Up Jumper Cables

Jumpstarting a vehicle with a set of jumper cables is pretty easy. Here’s how it’s complete: Warning: Mixing up the hurdler cables or touching the cable ends together can harm the vehicle and potentially cause private injury.

Put on your security glasses and protective gloves. Attach one conclusion of the positive (red) jumper cable to the positive incurable of the dead battery. Attach the other conclusion of the positive (red) jumper cable to the positive incurable of the good battery. Attach one end of the undesirable (black) jumper cable to the negative incurable of the good battery.

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