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Ready to Take on Merlin’s Puzzle With Pillars and a Moonstone in Hogwarts Legacy? Here Are the Steps You Need to Follow for Success!

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Nothing like the Arithmancy Door Puzzles noticed in the academy of Hogwarts Legacy, the Merlin Trials have been varied in their solutions and involve several approaches to be solved with magic, such as the trial together with Moonstone Pillars. Those who must unlock the Room of Prerequisite will recognize Moonstone as the primary supply used to conjure advantage workstations, decorations, and constructions for Beast care.

In the court case of this particular Merlin Trial, you will find gem bunches of Moonstones in three obelisks near the puzzle’s central marble plate. Accordingly, to solve this mystery, you will need to activate these towers to complete the trial.

Moonstone Pillars Merlin Trial Result in Hogwarts Legacy

At some, the Moonstone Pillars Merlin Trial in Hegacy could seem more problematic than it actually is, as the Moonstone gems inside each obelisk’s hole cannot be destroyed or interacted with as in the open world. Luckily, the puzzle is especially straightforward to solve and only needs the early-game Spell Lumos. If you glance everywhere in the nearby area of a Moonstone Pillars Merlin Trial, you won’t notice multiple eclipses of gleaming moths hovering about distinct locations. These magical moths are the key to starting the Merlin Trial.

Similar to how you use up Lumos to guide Moths to their frames for the Moth Mirror puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy, you should use the light of your Wand to produce the glowing moth eclipses to the three obelisks in the Moonstone Columns Merlin Trial. For clarification, walk up to the eclipse, cast Lumos, and move to any one of the three columns with Moonstone. Repeat this method two more times to clear the trial and receive your XP bonus and Challenge progression.

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While every single Moonstone Pillars Merlin Trial in Hogwarts Relic is solved using the same procedure described above, not every trial will have the same structural layout. For example, the first Moonstone Pillar trial you might have confronted is on the hill north of the main street where you accompany Sebastian or Natsai to Hogsmeade. All the glowing night butterflies for the puzzle are easy to find.

On the other finger, a Moonstone Pillars Merlin Trial nearby the Forbidden Jungle’s Hippogriff Den is guarded by hostile Thieves. Furthermore, you will take to use Incendio and Depulso to clear left obstacles to reach the moths. In such experiments, using Revelio to locate objects of interest is important to solving the puzzle.

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