The Reworked Turret Section of Dead Space Remake is Still Not the Best Option. Know What’s the Right for You

Fans have a lot of complaints about the turret minigame in Dead Space, and EA Motive’s remake reimagines these sequences with a new gameplay style.

Although the survival-horror series Dead Space is well-liked, each of its three original installments has its share of issues. For example, improved gameplay is cited as a reason why many fans prefer Dead Space 2 to the original, while almost all fans agree that Dead Space 3 doesn’t seem to belong in the series at all.

However, its limb-severing combat is still as satisfying as it was when it was first introduced, and its setting and atmosphere were novel at the time.

The Hunter sequences in the original Dead Space are frequently criticized, particularly when players are required to Kinesis-shuffle bunks around a room in order to avoid the regenerating monster.

In a similar vein, flying to and from surfaces in zero gravity is generally disapproved of, particularly in comparison to the freedom of movement in Dead Space 2. However, the turret section of the original game is one that is frequently recalled fondly by fans.

Players Can Fire Turrets in Various Ways Thanks to Motive’s Dead Space

Although the turret sequence in Motive’s Dead Space remake has been completely altered, the proposed gameplay change is still not ideal. One of only two instances in Dead Space where players interact with an aiming system other than their regular weapons, the initial turret sequence is largely derided for its control; it involves players reeling the reticle around with two lasers, much like a minigame.

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As asteroid fragments hurl toward Ishimura in Dead Space, players are immediately tasked with mastering the turret’s sensitivity. With each asteroid fragment that hits the Ishimura, its hull integrity is shown and damaged.

The player must destroy as many asteroid fragments as possible in a short amount of time. However, in the remake, players can effectively fire the turret at asteroids using their own aiming sensitivities by simply interacting with individual turrets and synchronizing them with their normal aiming.

Players no longer have to run down a long corridor along the hull of the ship while waiting intermittently behind obstructions, despite the fact that this manual approach is arguably less interesting or cinematic than firing a large turret. These sequences are completely removed, and instead, players can fly and fire freely. This makes the encounter much easier to understand and more in line with the improved combat and gameplay of the remake.

The Turret Sequences in the Dead Space Remake Are the Lesser of Two Evils

While neither option necessarily achieves its full potential for contentment, the remake’s alternative is certain to please fans who detested the original’s turret sequence. In addition, the second turret sequence in Dead Space is much more relaxed than the first, where players simply need to fire the turret at the glowing pustules of the Remnant Leviathan.

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However, in Motive’s Dead Space, this sequence is turned into its own boss fight, with players flying through space while synching and firing turrets once more. While moving out of the way of the Leviathan’s tentacles and a plethora of spore pods it releases the player’s fire at pustules.

Since players will be struck by a sweeping tentacle if they remain grounded and will be trapped in a group of pods if they do not move constantly, this ensures that they will make the most of the environment.

Additionally, the turrets are dispersed and destroyed sequentially, preventing players from standing still even if they wanted to. As a result, the first turret sequence is still not the best option, but the second turret sequence is much more engaging and involved.

The PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S all support Dead Space right now.

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