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Hometop trendingAfter a Long Period of Recognition, Us Cellular Has Recently Been Removed...

After a Long Period of Recognition, Us Cellular Has Recently Been Removed From Google Fi’s List of “Official” Networks.

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Sri ragavi newton
Sri ragavi newton
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On some of the most popular Android phones that are compatible with Fi, Google Fi has long been a more effective and less expensive method of enhancing your cellular network experience.

That has been possible because the MVNO has relied on T-Mobile and US Cellular, two network providers, to provide you with a strong signal wherever you are. You don’t need to be concerned because it now appears that US Cellular will no longer be a partner of Google Fi, at least as an official one.

A Google Fi support representative disclosed in response to a customer complaint that the MVNO is now entirely dependent on T-Mobile and that US Cellular is no longer the primary network provider.


US Cellular, on the other hand, is still a part of Fi’s larger network, which Google uses to offer domestic roaming services. 9to5Google was informed by a Google spokesperson of the modification to Fi’s network partnership.

This basically means that even if US Cellular has a better signal in that area, Fi will still be connected to T-Mobile and will only switch to the latter’s network when roaming to areas where T-Mobile isn’t available. In addition, Fi customers will continue to be able to use their connection for domestic roaming at no additional cost.

This change is already having an impact on a lot of users. When using an eSIM, a Fi customer was unable to connect to US Cellular’s network; however, when using an old physical Fi SIM card, they were able to receive a 4G signal.

On their supported handsets, other users who recently activated a new line with Google Fi have not been able to force switch to the USCC profile. Fi’s support team was unhelpful because it had no prior knowledge of the change, even though basic troubleshooting did not assist them.

Many people were misled by this news into thinking that their Fi connection wouldn’t work in areas where T-Mobile doesn’t provide its services. However, your Google Fi connection can still seamlessly switch to roaming for uninterrupted service if you frequently travel to areas where US Cellular is the only viable option.

However, wherever T-Mobile is available, you won’t be able to switch to US Cellular. And if this change has worried you, you might want to look into alternatives like Mint Mobile or Google Fi to see if they fit your needs.

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