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Exploring the Reasons Behind Kevin Feige’s Desire for an Ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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It’s hard to trust next month will mark thirteen years since the Robert Downey Jr-led Iron Man debuted in theaters, kick-starting the MCU and altering Hollywood forever. Years later, 23 films have been free and Marvel is just getting started as Phase Four introduces many new-fangled characters while commencement the roll-out of its blockbuster Disney+ series.

As the franchise endures to release billion-dollar movies and sees viral achievement in its streaming release, it’s hard to envisage a point at which the MCU could ever originate to an end. However, it seems Genius CCO Kevin Feige has some pretty strict conditions for continuing to increase the universe as he reveals the reason he wants to continue tackling new-fangled projects.


In a new interview with Variety to discuss Eternals director Chloé Zhao’s current Oscar win, Marvel CCO Kevin Feige has opened the main reason why they want to continue to structure the MCU.

Feige clarified that he and Marvel Studios only want to linger building the legendary cinematic universe as long as they “can keep developing it and changing it and growing it” to do “things [they] hadn’t completed before”

“I’m in my 20-plus century at Marvel. We only want to keep doing this so that we can keep embryonic it and changing it and growing it, and doing belongings we hadn’t done before. And that’s what many film producers like Chloé for. Not just for Marvel, by the way, but for the business — besides foquote-unquotecal business, and for the quote-unquote blockbuster business. You want those filmmakers coming in and current to evolve and adapt what it means for genre picture — or certainly for Marvel Workspaces film.”


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Marvel Comics has been discharging new issues — with new characters and storylines since they first commenced in 1939. Obviously, it’s safe to roughly Kevin Feige and the rest of the creative squads at the studio won’t be running out of ideas anytime in the near future, so when can the MCU eventually grasp its end?

The Marvel Comics creation typically sees a fresh start every few years to generate a jumping-on point for new readers, rather fans could one day see happen to the MCU. As the universe continues to swell on its already released 23 films and two Disney+ series, it becomes increasingly solid for viewers to get involved in the latest superhero adventures without getting disordered.

The Infinity Saga alone is virtually fifty hours long, and the introduction of even a six-hour-long series won’t make it any easier for new-fangled viewers to catch up. With the release of every newfangled Marvel project, it’s never exactly clear what past projects it may interlink with, meaning that spectators need to remain familiar with virtually everything that has come before to truly escalate a film or series.

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