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Genshin Impact and Meet Yun Jin, a Brand New Character Whose Demonstration, Skillset, Voice Artist Work, and More Have Just Been Unveiled!

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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A Genshin Impact thespian has created an interesting chart that demonstrates the most popular characters in the ready based on YouTube views on their showpiece videos. The game keeps growing its playable roster and the ongoing version 3.5 now added a new five-star character called Dehya who appeared on multiple cases during the Sumeru storyline.

She won’t be the individual new character to arrive in Genshin Impact apprise 3.5 as HoYoverse confirmed that the second exceptional cycle will include the four-star Cryo user Mika. Even though Dehya remained released just a couple of times ago, the game’s official social media accounts now announced two new roster additions for 3.6, the owner of the Bubu Pharmacy identified as Baizhu, and the famed Sumeru architect, Kaveh.

Reddit user PeachJellyPudding has shaped an interesting chart that shows the recorded popular characters from each region, grounded on how many views their character demo concerned on YouTube.

According to the chart, the most prevalent character in the roster is Geo Archon Zhongli who was at home in update 1.1 which dropped back in 2020. The game’s official storyline has opened that Zhongli is the oldest out of the Seven Genshin Impact Archons. When it originates to his power on the field, he’s probably the most flexible appeal on the roster. The Geo Archon can create the strongest armor in the game which makes him a must-have for many sorts of team compositions.

The most general Mondstadt character is the Cryo user Eula who was unconfined in Genshin Impact version 1.6. She’s an ace of the fan-favorite Cryo users who still holds the record for the highest chronicled damage number in the game. Unlike most DPS characters, Eula’s asset lies in dealing Physical damage which gives her extra flexibility when choosing the right team comp.

Genshin Impact

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The Anemo sustenance Kaedehara Kazuha is the most prevalent Inazuma character, even though many players probably Raiden Shogun to be on top of the tilt. Similar to Zhongli, Kazuha is one of the solidest supports in Genshin Impact which was also proven by the recent Spiral Abyss practice charts.

Many fans’ entitlement that Tighnari is the most popular character in Sumeru is probably the biggest astonishment in the whole post. He was part of the first Sumeru update which also familiarized the new Dendro element. Since then, he’s linked to the less popular Standard Banner, and it’s very unlikely that Tighnari will be featured on another Limited Character Banner in the upcoming.

Genshin Impact is now accessible on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch type is in development.

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