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House of the Dragon: Tommen’s Tragic Window Death is Worse Than Aegon’s Embarrassing Window Scene.

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Aegon II Targaryen’s mother, Alicent Hightower, caught him playing with himself in the castle window, more commonly referred to as Tommen’s window, in a scene from HBO’s House of the Dragon.

Fans said that this scene was unnecessary because it showed Aegon at his adolescent peak and what his interests will be in the future. What will happen to the young prince when King Viserys I Targaryen passes away is already clear from this. In Episode 7, the story continues with Aegon giving a server flirtatious looks as he takes another cup of wine.

The Way Aegon Does At The Palace Of The Dragon Shows That He Is Unfit To Reign

Olivia Cooke as Alicent Hightower and Ty Tennant as Aegon II Targaryen

As stated in George R.R. Martin’s novel Fire & Blood, Aegon will continue to be fascinated by women long after King Viserys dies. The prince has been summoned for his coronation after making all necessary arrangements; however, Aegon is discovered “in his revels” in a rat pit with a Flea Bottom girl under the age of 12.

This demonstrates that Aegon has no interest in politics because he would rather get drunk and have sex than follow her mother’s orders and become a ruler. Rhaenyra is shown to be more deserving of the Iron Throne because she has been chosen as the heir and is eager to take the throne.

While Rhaenyra does admit to having her fair share of reckless actions when she was younger, she never forgets her duty. Keep in mind that she did not run away with Ser Criston Cole when he asked her to flee to Essos, and that she married her cousin, Laenor Velaryon, for the benefit of the future of the kingdom.

How the Game of Thrones scene with Aegon’s window ruined Tommen’s demise

In Game of Thrones, Tommen Baratheon died in the same window where he jumped to his death after learning that his mother had given the order to blow up the Sept of Baelor. The idea of betrayal and the murder of his wife, the newly crowned Queen Margaery Tyrell, horrified him.

The window has turned into a notorious and vital area in the Round of Lofty positions adventure, and that ridiculous window scene in Place of the Mythical serpent to some degree mutilates its importance. Indeed, over the years that followed, that window has witnessed a lot.

Aegon will have a greater impact on the plot now that the Dance of the Dragons is getting closer. Set 200 years before the occasions in Round of High positions, Place of the Mythical serpent follows the story of the House Targaryen at the level of its power and unavoidable defeat. This Sunday, catch the latest episode on HBO Max.

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