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Jacob Elordi, Actor of the Hit Show ‘reveled Euphoria’, Delves Deep Into Nate’s Sexuality in a Revealing New Interview!

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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As far as sex goes, HBO Max’s dark teen drama Euphoria loves to distort the lines. Much like the current arrogances of Gen Z, sexuality on the show is on a band, fluid, and can even change day to day, or episode to episode. Characters on the display don’t just say, “I’m gay.” They are simply involved to whom they are attracted.

But questions everywhere Nate’s sexuality, in particular, have only deepened as his sex life becomes more and more recognized by the other characters.

Spoilers for Season 2, Episode 7 ahead. 

All season long, Lexi has been inscription a play. Forever the wallflower, the quiet teen has been taking note of the disordered lives around her and cramming fasting into a show. In Sunday’s episode, Our Life, in conclusion, premieres to an audience of her peers. Lexi plays herself and company actors in the roles of Cassie, Maddy, Rue, Kat, Nate, besides more. But it was the eye-popping amount at the end of the episode that caught everyone’s eye.

Seemingly remarking on the homoeroticism of the locker room, an actor representing Nate leads his shirtless and glistening colleagues through a steamy recital of Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero.”

Nate, offended, spurts out of the auditorium, shrugging off Cassie’s clichés as he storms out, flinging out, “That’s, like, so homophobic.”


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Viewers are maxim that’s the pot calling the kettle black since Nate is the homophobic one now.

It’s a dryness to Nate’s sexuality that is complicated. We learned last term that since the age of eleven, he has observed tapes of his father cheating on his mom by taking sex with men and transgender women on video. That’s impacted his attitude toward sex as in this very episode, Nate had a frightening where he was in bed with his father. We also distinguish that when he does engage in sex, he has smoothly roleplayed as Cal.

After inspecting Jules and his dad’s sex tape in season one, he catfishes her besides convincing her to meet. When they last do, he sticks his finger in Jules’s mouth impartial like he saw his father do in the tape.

Throughout this season, he’s not completely over Jules. In the latest episode, Cassie allows him to uniform her how he likes. He dresses her as Jules and Nate emulate the rough sex he saw Cal beside Jules have.

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