Pokémon GO Leak: New Raid Battle Feature Coming Soon – Get the Inside Scoop and Be Prepared!

Trainers will find battles even more exciting thanks to a new Raid Battle feature being developed, according to Pokemon GO leakers.

A Pokemon GO hole uncovers that a fascinating component is being developed for Strike Fights. Niantic has been attempting to make Pokemon GO ongoing interaction fun by adding different substances.

This content, which includes events, brand-new Pokemon, items, and various game modes, challenges players to think outside the box when it comes to team formation and strategy.

Participating in Raid Battles is one of the ways to have a lot of fun in Pokemon GO in addition to walking around to find and capture Pokemon. Trainers can challenge various raid types to battle particular Pokemon in these group battles.

One example is the introduction of the legendary Regidrago to Pokemon GO as part of the recent return of Elite Raids, a more difficult version of standard raids. Players are already familiar with the game’s mechanics because they know what to expect from this mode. However, a brand-new Pokemon GO leak suggests that this may soon change as a result of the addition of a new feature.

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Move modifiers for Raid Battles were one of the recently revealed features for Pokemon GO that were revealed on the PokeMiners website. As indicated by the leakers, these modifiers change how a move performs during the fight, and the condition that sets off these modifiers can be different things.

Conditions based on cooldown (can only be used X times), usage (can be used X times), and moment (when the boss has a certain percentage of HP) are some of the hypotheses put forth by PokeMiners.

If the developers decide to add two well-known mechanics from the main series to Pokemon GO, the leakers emphasize that this is the path Niantic should take. The Z-Moves from Pokemon Sun and Moon and the Gigantamax from Pokemon Sword and Shield are both examples.

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pokemon go

PokeMiners previously disclosed the development of a new Pokemon GO raid type, which could be beneficial to players. The leakers say that move modifiers won’t just be for raids, but they don’t know when they will be available in the game. Move modifiers will also be added to Pokemon GO’s PvP, according to the leaks, but there is currently no information on how this feature will function.

Move modifiers have the potential to alter the gameplay of raids, thereby increasing their interest. It may require players to come up with novel strategies and playstyles, increasing the level of difficulty. This also demonstrates that Niantic continues to actively work on Pokemon GO, contributing content that enhances the game’s dynamic and enjoyable experience for players.

Pokemon GO is accessible now on Android and iOS.

Source: PokeMiners

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