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Resident Evil 4 Demo Mod Goes Next Level With Playable CJ From GTA: San Andreas – a Thrilling Crossover for Fans

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You can now play the Resident Evil 4 remake demo as GTA’s iconic protagonist Carl Johnson: “San Andreas”

The Resident Evil 4 remake demo has been hard at work for modders, and one of the most recent mods makes GTA: CJ, not Leon, playable in San Andreas. The well-known GTA character is well-known not only for his appearance in the beloved sequel but also for his appearance throughout the gaming community thanks to mods.

Carl Johnson has solidified his position as a gaming icon in popular culture, despite the disastrous reception of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition. GTA: San Andreas takes place in 1992, but CJ has already traversed the globe and multiple other realities thanks to mods. Whether devotees of the person need to swing their direction through New York in Bug Man, sneak deserted roads in Stray, or find the Wizarding Scene as CJ, there are mods for that.


Players of Resident Evil 4 can take on the role of CJ in a brand-new mod developed by Marcos RC. With lipsyncing and facial expressions included, the mod completely replaces Leon’s model with one of CJ’s.

While CJ undertakes the perilous task of rescuing the daughter of the President, you can enjoy gameplay and cutscenes. However, if fans decide to install the mod, they will have to get used to CJ sounding like Leon because the voice lines remain the same as in the original demo. By signing up for the mod’s Patreon account, players can access it.

In fact, this isn’t the first time CJ has replaced Leon in a zombie-infested adventure. For the Resident Evil 2 remake, a similar mod cast Big Smoke in the role of Mr. X and CJ in the role of Leon. GTA: Since San Andreas was released nearly 20 years ago, the “Ah s***, here we go again” meme and the game’s iconic status likely spurred the seemingly endless mods that put CJ in all kinds of games.

There are already a lot of mods for the Resident Evil 4 remake demo, even though there is still some time before players can play the full game. Shrek is included in one Resident Evil 4 mod, and a fixed-camera perspective reminiscent of the early Resident Evil games is added in another.

The remake of Resident Evil 4 is likely to follow in the footsteps of Resident Evil 2 and 3, with a wide range of bizarre mods that can either enhance or diminish the terror of the survival horror game.

Resident Evil 4 will deliver on Walk 24 for PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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