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The Marvelous Marvel M-She-U Controversy: How Marvel Studios Just Took a Stand Against Sexism? 

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In the world of pop culture and entertainment, Marvel Studios is one of the most influential and powerful production companies out there.

However, recently they have come under fire for their “M-She-U” controversy, which saw them receiving criticism for their lack of female representation in their films and merchandise.

Now, Marvel has taken a stand against sexism with a lighthearted joke in their latest film, Thor: Ragnarok.

What is the M-She-U Controversy?

The M-She-U controversy was sparked back in 2017 when fans noticed that there were far fewer female characters in Marvel movies compared to their male counterparts. This was especially noticeable in merchandise, where female characters were often left out of action figure and clothing lines in favor of their male counterparts. This sparked an intense debate online, with many fans accusing Marvel of being sexist and unrepresentative of women.

How Marvel Responded to the Controversy? 

In the face of criticism, Marvel Studios responded in a number of ways. They began introducing more female characters into their films, with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) becoming a major player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). They also announced plans for a series of female-led superhero films, including Captain Marvel and Black Widow. Finally, they began producing more merchandise with female characters, including dolls, action figures and clothing.

How Thor: Ragnarok Took a Stand Against Sexism

The latest Marvel Studios film, Thor: Ragnarok, took things one step further by actually mocking the M-She-U controversy. In one scene, the god of thunder (Chris Hemsworth) is discussing his recent adventures with his friend Korg (Taika Waititi).

When Korg suggests that Thor should get his own action figure, Thor responds by saying: “I don’t know, I don’t fit the M-She-U demographic.”

This joke is a direct reference to the M-She-U controversy and Marvel’s subsequent attempts to rectify the situation. By poking fun at the controversy, Marvel is taking a stand against sexism and showing that they are aware of their past mistakes.

It also sends a message to fans that Marvel Studios is taking steps to ensure that all genders are equally represented in their films and merchandise.

Final Thoughts

It is encouraging to see Marvel Studios taking a stand against sexism with their latest film, Thor: Ragnarok. The joke about the M-She-U controversy shows that they are aware of the issues surrounding gender representation and are taking steps to address them. This is a great example of how a major company can use their platform to make a difference and promote equality.

At the end of the day, Marvel Studios is a business and they have to make decisions that are in their best interests. However, it is also clear that they are trying to do the right thing and make sure that all genders are equally represented in their films and merchandise. With this move, Marvel has shown that they are committed to creating a more inclusive and equal world for everyone.

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