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The Finale Season of Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 Episode 1 is Coming Soon With a New Twist? Release Date, Time, and More

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If you are also a fan of One manga artist who releases awesome manga series like One Punch Man and you become a fan of it. Then you must check out this amazing Full of action fiction, Comedy, and lots of Supernatural fiction series Mob Psycho 100.

For those who are already aware and watched both seasons so good news for them is that the first episode of season 3 is going to be aired on 5 October, 2022 between 9 -10 PM Indian time.Also, the bad news for the fans is that it’s going to be the last part of the series. This means we are going to have a confirmed proper ending to this anime.

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So, fans believe that only 10 manga chapters are left and it’s not sufficient for a completely good ending to this anime but these last 10 chapters is way different than the rest 90 chapters and each chapter consist of 6-8 parts and that much is enough for the final season of this anime. The trailer for the final part is already released and it will be beyond our imagination as it consists of the super mode of the mob.

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Our main character “Shigeo Kageyamais” is an esper nicknamed a Mob in the series with very powerful telekinesis powers and even can move objects without touching them.

How strong is the mob?

As we know both “One Punch Man” and “Mob Psycho ” is created by One and both the main characters are very powerful so fans even compare the Saitama and The Mob characters too. It’s difficult to say which is more powerful but fans believe Saitama is better as the full abilities of Mob are not introduced yet. So, after the final season of Mob the perspective of fans may change.

Mob is an esper and telekinesis is its power to which he controls them with his mind without using its hands. This power depends on its emotions and the increase and decrease of the energy is fully controlled by its mood. At zero percent telekinesis mode he is just a normal human being but as the power increases he becomes a beast. At around the 30-40 percent range he can destroy houses and other things without using his hands.

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As it increases to 60-90 percent he becomes quite serious and with stress, cam blows the houses. At 100 percent his overwhelming aura can even destroy a whole town but in that mode he only focuses only on that because of which he got angry. Its emotions get compressed and that’s why it can release more power at this state.

Unknown percent mode of Mob 

It’s not finished yet an unknown percentage mode is also there in which its power becomes limitless and beast form. We witness this mode only 2 times, but the next season is with multiple times unknown percent mode as an arc will be shown in season 3.

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