Barry Season 4 Finale Review: Fans Devastated by the Show’s Shocking Cliffhanger Ending

Barry Season 4 Episode 8 Review: The Best Directed Show On TV Says Goodbye

Barry Season 4 has come to an end, leaving fans with a lasting impact. The dark comedy and suspense thriller has made viewers re-think TV shows, with its masterpiece of directing and storytelling. In this article, we will discuss the final episode of Barry season 4 and what fans thought about it.

An Overview of the Finale

The episode starts where the previous one left off, with Barry escaping the makeshift prison in the garage. Hank, on the other hand, abducts Sally and John to make peace with Fuches and lure Barry to his almost certain doom. Fuches sees John on FaceTime, making him spring into action and head over. Meanwhile, Barry is headed back to the same big-box department store he stopped in two episodes ago.

The Fate of Barry and John

As the episode progresses, viewers are left wondering what would happen to Barry and John. Fans speculate that Barry might die due to his terrible choices, placing many innocent lives in danger. Meanwhile, John is an innocent child, and viewers hoped that he would survive without being a victim of his father’s misdeeds.

Barry’s Redemption

We know that Barry is a flawed character, but throughout the season, he seems to find redemption. In the final episode, he sacrifices himself to ensure John’s safety. This shows that Barry has learned from his actions and is trying to redeem himself.

Fuches and Hank’s Final Moments

Fuches arrives at Hank’s corporate complex, where both men are backed up by a crew of armed gunmen. Fuches demands to see John, and as soon as he sees him, he leads him outside just as Barry is arriving. Fuches hands John over to Barry, and then disappears into darkness. Sally manages to avoid the gunfire, but Hank is in bad shape, grasping the hand of Cristobal’s bronze statue as he dies.

The Finale’s Closing Scene

The finale jumps forward to an older Sally basking in applause after directing a high school production of Our Town, with a teenaged John in the audience. A male teacher at the school invites Sally out for coffee, but she gives him a firm “no.” Instead, she drives home alone and happy, with flowers beside her on the passenger seat, while John hangs out with a friend.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Barry season 4 was a masterpiece, leaving fans with mixed emotions. While some fans were happy to see Barry sacrifice himself, others wished for a different ending. However, it is undeniable that Barry is one of the best-directed shows on TV.


In conclusion, Barry season 4, episode 8, was a fitting end to a series that has made a lasting impact on fans. From the incredible directing to the gritty but compelling storyline, the finale had all the elements of a great series-ender. We can’t wait to see what Bill Hader has in store for us next.


  1. What is Barry all about?
  2. Barry is a dark comedy and suspense thriller TV series about a hitman who turns his life around after discovering his love for theatre.

  3. What makes Barry season 4 stand out from other seasons?
  4. Barry season 4 was the final season that ended with a bittersweet ending. It showcased the character’s redemption and the consequences of his actions.

  5. Who was the best character in Barry?
  6. Sally Reed was one of the most captivating characters in the series. Sarah Goldberg played the role flawlessly, adding life to the character.

  7. What was the ending of Barry?
  8. In the end, Barry sacrifices himself to save John, leading to his demise. While some fans were content with the ending, others wished for a different one.

  9. Can we expect another season of Barry?
  10. As of now, there is no indication of another season of Barry. The creator of the show, Bill Hader, has stated that the show is open-ended and leaves room for interpretation.


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