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Hometop trendingGold Price Today in India for Smart Gold Investments: Expert Insights!

Gold Price Today in India for Smart Gold Investments: Expert Insights!

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All You Need to Know About Gold Prices in India

Gold is one of the most popular precious metals when it comes to investment and personal use in India. Understanding the prices and purity of gold is essential while making any purchase, whether it’s for investment or personal use. This article provides all the vital information you need to know before investing in gold or buying gold jewellery in India.

The Latest Gold Prices in India

Gold Type Price per 10 gm (INR) Price per 10 gm (USD) Price per 10 gm (EUR) Price per 10 gm (GBP)
24 Carat Gold 60,010 1,933.83 1,809.39 1,567.89
22 Carat Gold 54,970 1,773.33 1,654.10 1,432.26

Understanding the Purity of Gold

Gold is available in different purities, and it’s essential to understand the difference between them.

24 Carat Gold

24 carat gold is the purest form of gold, and it signifies 99.9 percent purity. It doesn’t contain any other metals and is used to make gold coins, bars, and other investment options.

22 Carat Gold

The 22 carat gold is ideal for jewellery making, and it is 22 parts gold and two parts silver, nickel, or another metal. The mixing of other metals makes gold more stiff and appropriate for jewellery. The 22 carat gold often reflects 91.67 of gold purity.

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Know the Difference Between 24 Carat and 22 Carat Gold

Gold Type Purity Price Usage Colour
24 Carat Gold 99.5% Most expensive Investment Options Bright Yellow
22 Carat Gold 91.6% Relatively Inexpensive Jewellery, Bars, Bullions, Coins Tainted due to other metals
  1. 24 Carat gold contains 99.5% purity and is mostly used for investment options.
  2. 24 Carat gold is bright yellow in colour.
  3. 22 Carat gold is 91.6% pure and ideal for making jewellery.
  4. 22 Carat gold is relatively inexpensive than 24 Carat gold.
  5. 22 Carat gold is tainted due to the presence of other metals.

Gold Rate in Major Cities

  • Gold rates may vary from city to city based on various factors, including demand, interest levied, octroi charges, state taxes, gold traders, bullion associations, transportation costs, making charges, and other such.

Factors Affecting Gold Price in India

Like other financial assets, the price of gold also keeps fluctuating. While demand for gold is one of the key factors that determine its market price, a gamut of other factors have a role too.

  1. Demand is one of the significant factors affecting the price of gold.
  2. Economic and political instability also play a significant role.
  3. Interest rates set by the RBI can also affect gold prices.
  4. The overall health of the global economy and the supply of gold are other crucial factors that impact gold prices.

Why is it important to know how much gold costs right now?

Gold is considered a safe investment option and a hedge against inflation. The prices of gold keep fluctuating, and it’s crucial to know how much gold costs before making any investment or purchasing jewellery.

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Gold is an essential asset class with a high level of demand in India. Knowing the current market price and understanding the purity of gold are crucial while making any purchase. The factors determining the price of gold keeps fluctuating, and it’s essential to stay updated with the market trends while investing in gold.


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