Discover The Latest Updates, Bug Fixes, And Year 8 Season Duration In Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege: Updates, Bug Fixes, and Year 8 Season Duration

The world of Rainbow Six Siege is constantly evolving with new updates, bug fixes, and exciting content. In this article, we’ll cover the latest Operation details, including new operators and maps, major balancing updates, bug fixes, and new battle pass.

Operation Brutal Swarm

The latest Operation, Brutal Swarm, introduces a new Singaporean attacker named Grim. His unique gadget, the Kawan Hive Launcher, allows for Intel-Gathering and Area Denial. Another exciting feature of this season is the permanent addition of Stadium map to Ranked matches.

New Operator: Grim

Grim is the new Singaporean attacker introduced in Operation Brutal Swarm. He comes with a unique gadget – a Kawan Hive Launcher. It doesn’t have any reload and boasts a low fire rate. However, it can be used for Intel-Gathering and Area Denial.

Permanent Map: Stadium

One of the significant additions of Operation Brutal Swarm is the introduction of Stadium to Ranked matches. It is now a permanent map that allows players to defy their opponents and show off their skills.

Major Balancing Updates

In Brutal Swarm, Ubisoft has introduced major balancing updates that will change the game’s meta. These updates have been specifically designed to shake things up and make the gameplay more exciting and challenging.

Player Comfort – BRAVA

The second article talks about the Player Comfort update in Rainbow Six Siege. At season launch, Brava’s Kludge Drone will now overload Aruni’s Surya Gate instead of converting it. This is a temporary fix until they fix the issue with the conversion between these two devices in a later update.

Temporary Fix for Conversion Issue

At season launch, Brava’s Kludge Drone will overload Aruni’s Surya Gate instead of converting it. This is a temporary fix until they fix the issue completely in a later update.

Bug Fixes: Gameplay, Level Design, and Operators

The update has fixed several bugs in the game, including gameplay, level design, and operators. Some of the notable ones include Defuser not being picked up while sprinting, operators being able to melee through shields, and Brava’s left arm clipping into her weapon in the home section animation.

Rainbow Six Siege Season Duration

The third article looks at how long each season lasts in Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft has standardized the duration of each season to three months, and it is impossible to predict the exact date and time.

Year 8 Season Duration

The Year 8 season duration is expected to follow the same schedule as the previous ones. The first season starts in March, the second in June, the third in September, and the final one in December.

Operation Solar Raid

The fourth and final article talks about the latest expansion in Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Solar Raid. The update includes a new operator, map, and the much-awaited ranked rework.

New Operator: Solis

The new operator introduced in Operation Solar Raid is Solis, a Colombian defender. She is equipped with a gadget that can track attacker utility through walls and send out a pulse to coordinate anti-breach strategies.

New Map: Nighthaven Labs

Nighthaven Labs is the new map introduced in Operation Solar Raid. It is located in Singapore and designed to be technically challenging with many staircases and internal structures.

Ranked Rework

Ranked rework is finally here, and it will no longer depend on MMR to determine a player’s rank. Instead, there will be a visible skill rating that won’t reset season-by-season, and a new rank between Platinum and Diamond called Emerald.

Crossplay and Cross-Progression

Crossplay and cross-progression are fully implemented in Rainbow Six Siege as of Operation Solar Raid. Now, players can enjoy playing with their friends across all platforms.


Rainbow Six Siege is continually evolving with updates, bug fixes, and exciting content. The latest expansions, including Operation Brutal Swarm and Operation Solar Raid, have introduced new operators, maps, and gameplay features that have made Rainbow Six Siege more thrilling and competitive.


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