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Discover the Ultimate Guide to Crawfish Seasons and Festivals in Louisiana and Texas – All You Need to Know!

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When is Crawfish Season? A Complete Guide to Crawfish Seasons and Festivals

Are you a seafood lover who can’t wait to get your hands on some delicious crawfish? Crawfish, also known as crayfish, crawdads, or mudbugs, are a favorite delicacy on the Gulf Coast, particularly in Louisiana and Texas.

The “Traditional” Season

The traditional time for wild-caught crawfish is in the spring, generally during March and April. The season largely depends on the weather and environmental conditions. A cold, late winter can delay the season, while a hot, early summer can cut the season short. Droughts can also affect the crawfish, impairing their growth and reproduction.

Crawfish Farming

Thanks to large-scale farming operations in Louisiana and southeastern Texas, you can get crawfish from January to August, depending on the producer and the weather. This means the season now covers roughly half the year, allowing more opportunities to enjoy this delicious crustacean. Keep in mind that if you’re getting crawfish outside of the traditional season, it might be frozen stuff shipped from China.

Larger Than Life

The best time to enjoy crawfish is still in March and April, when they’ve had time to fatten up. However, they can still be equally large during the remaining months, depending on environmental factors.

When is Crawfish Season?

The Ideal Time

There is no regulation on the start and end of the crawfish season. However, the ideal time for crawfish is during the warm months, typically from February/March to May/June.

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Factors that Determine Crawfish Season

The three main factors that play a role in determining crawfish season are cold temperatures, rainfall, and water levels in swamps and bayous.

Fluctuations in Crawfish Availability

Fluctuations in temperature and barometric pressure can affect crawfish availability and size, even for farms. But crawfish farmers have made significant strides in keeping the crawfish well-fed and protected.

Where to Find Crawfish

Crawfish Season in Houston

In Houston, the peak crawfish season is from February/March to May/June. You can enjoy crawfish all over the city, with traditional Cajun crawfish and Viet-Cajun crawfish being some popular options.

Crawfish Festivals

Louisiana has many crawfish festivals throughout the year, such as the Breaux Bridge Crawfish Festival, Louisiana Crawfish Festival, and Mudbug Madness. Texas has various crawfish festivals as well, such as the Big Ass Crawfish Bash and the Heights Crawfish Festival.

Restaurants and Catering

Various restaurants like Ragin’ Cajun, LA Crawfish, and BB’s Tex-Orleans in Houston give you the opportunity to indulge in a crawfish boil meal. Additionally, there are catering services that allow you to have crawfish boils in the comfort of your own home.

How Much is Crawfish?

Prices for crawfish vary depending on the quality and availability, with early season crawfish being the most expensive. In January, prices can range from $8 to $10 per pound. Later in the season, prices can go as low as $5 to $7 per pound.

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Crawfish season may be elusive, but knowing when and where to look can help you satisfy your crawfish cravings. From the traditional season to crawfish farming and beyond, there are various opportunities to indulge in this delicious delicacy all year round.


1. What is the difference between Cajun and Viet-Cajun crawfish?

Cajun crawfish is the traditional style found in Louisiana, while Viet-Cajun crawfish is uniquely Houstonian. Ingredients like ginger, lemongrass, and garlic are added to the Louisiana flavors in Viet-Cajun cuisine.

2. When is the ideal time to buy crawfish?

The ideal time to buy crawfish is during the warm months from February/March to May/June.

3. What affects crawfish availability and size?

Temperature and barometric pressure fluctuations can significantly affect crawfish availability and size.

4. Where can I enjoy a crawfish boil in Houston?

You can enjoy a crawfish boil all over Houston, with restaurants such as Ragin’ Cajun, LA Crawfish, and BB’s Tex-Orleans being popular options.

5. How much is crawfish?

Prices for crawfish vary depending on quality and availability, but typically range from $5 to $10 per pound.


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