Discover Why Vinland Saga Season 2 Is The Most Compelling Anime Sequel Yet!

Vinland Saga Season 2: An Overview and Review

Vinland Saga is a thrilling anime series based on Norse history, which has kept fans on edge with its unique and compelling storyline. The series follows a young warrior named Thorfinn, who joins a band of mercenaries led by his father’s killer, Askeladd, in a bid to extract revenge. Vinland Saga has gained a significant fan base due to its epic plot, well-paced storytelling, and striking character development. In this article, we will provide an overview of the second season of Vinland Saga, including review of the first twelve episodes.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Confirmation

Vinland Saga fans couldn’t be happier with the confirmation of the second season of the anime series. The creators have announced that season 2 would begin streaming on Netflix and Crunchyroll on January 9, 2023. Vinland Saga’s first season aired in 2019, and since then, fans have anxiously waited to see how the epic story unfolds. Fans can expect to see significant character development and dramatic plot twists in the upcoming season.


The second season of Vinland Saga picks up where the first season left off, following the story of Thorfinn, who’s working as a slave on a Danish farm. Set in 1013 AD during the Viking Age, Vinland Saga explores Norse history through the eyes of its compelling and distinct characters.

Main Characters

Vinland Saga boasts some of the most unforgettable characters in anime history.


Thorfinn, the show’s protagonist, is a young warrior who seeks revenge on his father’s killer, Askeladd. In the series’ second season, fans will see a transformation in Thorfinn, who has become a slave working on a Danish farm.


Einar is a new co-protagonist in the second season of Vinland Saga. Fans can expect to see how his character grows and develops throughout the series.


King Canute the Great is the second main character of Vinland Saga. The upcoming season will explore his growing empire and his path to becoming a formidable ruler.


Vinland Saga weaves several underlying themes throughout the series, including redemption, violence, and history.


The theme of redemption features heavily in the second season of Vinland Saga. Fans will see how the characters’ past actions come back to haunt them, and how they seek to redeem themselves.


Vinland Saga is an anime series famous for its violent battles and gore, but the second season takes a new direction in how it portrays violence. Fans can expect a thoughtful exploration of the role of violence in Norse society and how it affects individuals.


Vinland Saga’s plot heavily draws from Norse history, and the upcoming second season is no exception. Fans can expect to learn more about this time period and how historical events shaped the characters.

Review of the First 12 Episodes

The first 12 episodes of Vinland Saga’s second season have received high praise from fans and critics alike. The storyline focuses on character development, slow-burn narrative, and exploration of underlying themes, all of which contribute to an exciting and engaging viewing experience.


Vinland Saga takes its time telling its story, allowing the plot to unfold naturally without feeling rushed or forced. This season’s pacing is even slower than its predecessor, but it still manages to keep fans hooked by exploring Thorfinn’s emotional journey.

Character Development

Vinland Saga’s defining attribute has always been its well-developed characters, and the second season does not disappoint. Fans get an opportunity to see the characters’ growth and learn about their backgrounds in more detail.


MAPPA’s animation remains stunning, with incredible attention to detail in every scene. The battles are gorgeously choreographed and take full advantage of the unique and brutal Viking Age weapons.


In conclusion, Vinland Saga’s second season is an anime masterpiece that is well worth the wait. The slow-burn narrative, character development, and exploration of underlying themes make it a series that is difficult to put down once started. The return of the characters and their compelling storyline promises an unforgettable viewing experience that fans should not miss.


Q1. Where can I watch Vinland Saga season 2?

A. Vinland Saga season 2 will be available on Netflix and Crunchyroll for viewers outside of Asia.

Q2. When does Vinland Saga season 2 come out?

A. Vinland Saga season 2 will be released on January 9, 2023.

Q3. Are all the characters from the first season returning?

A. Yes, all the characters from the first season will be making a return appearance in season 2, with the addition of Einar as a co-protagonist.

Q4. Is Vinland Saga based on a true story?

A. Vinland Saga is a retelling of some key parts of Norse history and is based on manga written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura.

Q5. What age rating is Vinland Saga?

A. Vinland Saga is rated TV-MA and is recommended for mature audiences ages 17 and up.


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