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“Ex-‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Shocks Fans: He’s Married! Get the Inside Scoop on His Stunning Wedding”

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Former ‘Bachelor’ star Colton Underwood has officially tied the knot with his boyfriend, political strategist Jordan C. Brown, in a picturesque wedding set in Napa Valley’s Carneros Resort and Spa. The couple, together for approximately two years, exchanged vows in front of around 200 guests, according to People Magazine.

Stunning Wedding Venue and Unique Ceremony

The wedding took place outdoors, surrounded by lush greenery and with a breathtaking view of a vineyard from their altar. Colton and Jordan aimed to break away from traditional wedding norms and create a unique experience. Colton shared, “We wanted to break some of the traditional norms of what a ceremony and a wedding look like.” The picturesque setting and unconventional approach made their special day even more memorable.

Disco-Themed Pool Party Reception

Colton and Jordan added a touch of fun and nostalgia to their celebration by hosting a disco-themed pool party as part of their reception. The newlyweds and their guests enjoyed the festivities, grooving to the music and embracing the lively atmosphere. Both grooms looked dashing in Tom Ford suits, adding an element of style to the joyous occasion.

Embracing a New Chapter and Breaking Barriers


Colton acknowledged that their wedding represented an important milestone for many of their guests, as they might not have witnessed a same-sex wedding before. He expressed, “And for the entire weekend, we recognize that a lot of people attending, both of our families and some of our friends, this will be their first queer wedding.” By sharing their love openly and celebrating their commitment, Colton and Jordan aimed to break barriers and create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

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A Journey to Love and Happiness

Colton Underwood Marries Boyfriend

Colton’s journey in the public eye began with his appearances on various ‘Bachelor’ shows, where his virginity became a central focus. However, after coming out as gay in 2021, he embraced his true self and found love and happiness with Jordan. The couple has since enjoyed vacations together and openly shared their affection on social media, capturing beautiful moments of their relationship.

A New Chapter Begins

With their wedding, Colton and Jordan have sealed their commitment to each other and embarked on a new chapter of their lives. The former ‘Bachelor’ star can now leave behind his bachelor days and embrace the joy of married life. Congratulations to the newlyweds as they start this exciting journey together!

Colton Underwood Marriage Highlights:

  • Colton Underwood, former star of ‘The Bachelor,’ has tied the knot with his boyfriend, Jordan C. Brown, in a beautiful ceremony at the Carneros Resort and Spa in Napa Valley.
  • The couple exchanged vows in front of approximately 200 guests in a romantic outdoor setting surrounded by lush greenery and overlooking a vineyard.
  • A disco-themed pool party reception added a fun and unique touch to their wedding celebration.
  • Both grooms looked dapper in custom Tom Ford suits, with Underwood donning a deep green suit and Brown opting for a blue suit to complement the natural surroundings.
  • The couple aimed to break traditional norms and create a special experience for their guests, many of whom were attending their first queer wedding.
  • As a tribute to the LGBTQ+ community, they decorated the venue with enlarged photos of same-sex couples throughout history and displayed love letters from queer individuals from the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • The ceremony was followed by an energetic surprise performance by Stanford University’s artistic swimming team.
  • Guests enjoyed a family-style dinner with a menu featuring salads, vegetables, steak, fish, and pasta, accompanied by specialty cocktails including two cucumber and jalapeรฑo-infused drinks dedicated to their dogs.
  • Emotional toasts and a romantic first dance to the song “The Good Ones” by Gabby Barrett added to the heartfelt moments of the evening.
  • Underwood expressed his deep love and admiration for Brown, praising his kindness, generosity, and commitment to family and friends.
  • The couple’s relationship blossomed naturally and organically, leading them to a moment of engagement in Big Sur, California.
  • Underwood feels grateful to have created a loving family with their two dogs, a warm home, and a life that feels harmonious and fulfilling alongside his husband.


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