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Rainbow Six Siege Brings Exciting New Features in Latest Updates

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has recently released two major updates, Operation Shadow Legacy and North Star, that bring exciting new features to the popular first-person shooter tactical game. Here’s what you need to know about the new updates:

Operation Shadow Legacy

  • Overview of Shadow Legacy update
  • Introduction of Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher as ‘Zero’
  • Chalet rework
  • New scopes and tweaks for operators
  • Ping 2.0 and scope overhaul

Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher as ‘Zero’

The biggest addition to the Shadow Legacy update is Sam Fisher, also known as ‘Zero’, who has joined the game as a new operator. Fisher brings with him a unique set of gadgets and skills, including his Argus Cameras that can create holes in reinforced walls and his SC-3000K assault rifle.

Chalet Rework

The Chalet map has been reworked in this update, making it a more balanced and enjoyable experience for players. This includes changes to the interior and exterior design of the map, as well as a few new features like an attic balcony and fireplace on the first floor.

New Scopes and Tweaks for Operators

Players can now choose from a variety of new 1.5x, 2.0x, and 2.5x optics for their weapons, making it easier to customize their loadouts to their playstyle. Operators have also received several tweaks and fixes, including buffs to Doc and Rook, and nerfs to Echo and Hibana.

North Star

  • Overview of North Star update
  • New defending operator Thunderbird
  • Favela map rework
  • Bullet holes and dead bodies
  • Updates to gadgets for Mira, Maestro, Melusi, and Smoke

New Defending Operator Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a new defending operator who brings with her a unique Kona Station gadget that can heal and revive operators. She also comes with a pair of primary weapons (Spear .308 and SPAS-15) and two sidearms (Bearing-9 and Q-929).

Favela Map Rework

The Favela map has received a rework in the North Star update to make it more balanced and fun for players. Most exterior walls are now indestructible, meaning attackers will need to move through windows and doors or the two rooftop stairway entries.

Bullet Holes and Dead Bodies

Players will notice some changes to bullet holes and dead bodies in this update. Specifically, a single bullet hole in a destructible wall will not make a hole big enough to see through, and dead Operator bodies will disappear after a short time and be replaced with a transparent icon.

Updates to Gadgets for Mira, Maestro, Melusi, and Smoke

These operators have received updates to their gadgets in the North Star update. Specifically, the bulletproof glass on Mira’s Black Mirrors and Maestro’s Evil Eyes can now be shattered from a melee strike, Melusi’s Banshees can now be destroyed with bullets, and Smoke’s toxic gas will be more translucent and spread more naturally.


With these updates, Rainbow Six Siege continues to provide exciting new features and content for players to enjoy. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new player, there’s never been a better time to jump into the action.


1. Do I need to purchase the Year 6 Season 2 Battle Pass to access new operator Thunderbird?

No, Thunderbird will be available for purchase with R6 credits in two weeks after the release of the North Star update.

2. Can I play Rainbow Six Siege for free on Xbox?

Yes, there is a free weekend for Xbox players from June 17-20, and any progress made will carry over if you decide to purchase the game.

3. Which operators received buffs and nerfs in the Shadow Legacy update?

Doc and Rook received buffs, while Echo and Hibana received nerfs in this update.

4. How do Thunderbird’s Kona Stations work?

The Kona Stations can be deployed around the map and will heal any operator who comes into range. Operators who are already at full health will be temporarily overhealed, while downed operators can be revived if they’re in range of a Kona Station.

5. Will there be more updates to Rainbow Six Siege in the future?

Yes, Ubisoft has confirmed that they plan to continue supporting the game with new updates and content for the foreseeable future.


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