Find out why Somebody Somewhere’s season 2 finale will break your heart and fill you with joy.

Somebody Somewhere Season 2: Joy, Heartbreak, and Growth

Somebody Somewhere is a TV show that explores the lives of people in Manhattan, Kansas. The show’s first season established the characters and their worlds. So, in the second season, the show delves deeper into their lives and explores the characters’ growth. In the season finale episode, “To Ed,” the show both breaks our hearts and fills us with joy.

Episode Summary

In the beginning, Sam and Joel are seen walking in a park, playing a game called “Pound or Pass”. They’ve become close friends, and Joel is currently living with Sam. In the second season, Sam has become more settled in Manhattan after she found Joel and the Choir Practice group. However, everything around her is less settled. Her dad, Ed, has left the farm in her care to sail with his brother. Mary Jo, her cranky mother, is causing a ruckus in the nursing home. And Tricia, her newly divorced sister, is struggling with being an empty nester after Shannon starts at the University of Kansas.

As Sam cleans out the barn, she gets emotional because she feels as though she’s packing up Ed’s whole life. Tricia invites Sam and Joel for dinner, drinks a lot of Chardonnay, and tells them how she tried to retaliate for her divorce by attempting to sleep with her business partner’s husband.

Later, Sam and Joel make up after a brief fight and help prepare for Fred’s wedding. Sam performs a beautiful rendition of Ave Maria, and everyone raises their glasses to Ed, who has passed away.

Catharsis and Joy

The episode is divided into two parts: catharsis and joy. The catharsis comes early in the episode, where Sam and Joel make up after a brief but painful fight. Sam apologizes to Joel and shares her feelings about how she sets unfair expectations for people because she thinks it keeps her safe. She also acknowledges that this isn’t a healthy approach and that she no longer wants to do it. This was a significant part of her growth as a character.

Sam and Joel’s Reconciliation

Sam and Joel’s reconciliation wasn’t smooth. They were still awkward around each other, and Sam extended an olive branch by inviting Brad to help them with Fred’s wedding.

Tricia’s Character Development

Tricia’s character development is also essential in this episode. She is newly divorced and is trying to figure out her place in life. Her struggles with being an empty nester are relatable, and we see her cry at Fred’s wedding, not because of sadness but because she loves love.

Finding Joy in the Wedding

The second half of the episode is all about joy. The wedding is beautiful, and everyone seems happy. Even Tricia, who’s a bit of a mess earlier in the episode, finds joy in the event. Sam and Joel are reunited and happy. The wedding is a tribute to Ed, who everyone loved. Everything feels perfect, and that’s what makes the end of the episode so heartbreaking.

A Tribute to Ed

At the end of the episode, Fred gives a heartfelt speech about Ed. We see pictures of Ed throughout the episode, reminding us of his absence. The tribute is touching, without being melodramatic, and serves as a fitting farewell to the character.


Somebody Somewhere Season 2 Episode 7 is a beautiful episode that encapsulates the show’s heart and soul. The characters’ growth and the catharsis we experience in this episode make the joy we feel in the end incredibly potent. It’s a bittersweet experience, but one that will stick with us for a long time.


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