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Francia Raísa’s Father Reveals Tension with Selena Gomez After Kidney Donation: Drinking and Fallout

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The father of actress Francia Raísa has shed light on the reported conflict between his daughter and singer Selena Gomez. Renán Almendárez Coello confirmed that a disagreement had occurred, indicating that it was related to Gomez’s drinking habits following the kidney transplant.

A Selfless Act of Donation:

In 2017, Raísa made a remarkable gesture by donating one of her kidneys to her friend Selena Gomez, who suffers from lupus. The transplant was a highly publicized event, with both women sharing images and expressing gratitude for the life-saving gift.

Love, Money, and Fame:

Speaking on a Spanish-language TV program, Coello acknowledged the impact of love, money, and fame on individuals, including Selena Gomez. He hinted that these factors had led to changes in Gomez’s behavior, triggering the disagreement between the two friends.

Confrontation Over Drinking:Francia Raísa's Father Reveals Tension with Selena Gomez After Kidney Donation: Drinking and Fallout

Coello confirmed rumors that Raísa confronted Gomez about her drinking habits. According to him, Raísa expressed her concern, emphasizing that she didn’t donate her kidney to enable Gomez’s drinking lifestyle.

A Warning:

Coello, while sharing his perspective, also issued a warning to Gomez, urging her to be cautious. His words reflect a father’s concern for his daughter’s well-being in light of the reported fallout.

Prior Hints and Rumors:

Hints of tension between Gomez and Raísa surfaced in the past. Gomez previously mentioned feeling isolated within the industry, mentioning Taylor Swift as her only friend. Raísa responded cryptically to the interview, suggesting there may have been underlying issues.

Amends and Gratitude:

Despite the reported disagreement, Gomez later referred to Raísa as her “best friend” and expressed her everlasting gratitude for the kidney donation. These statements indicated a potential reconciliation between the two.

Silence and Bullying:

Raísa has chosen to remain tight-lipped about her friendship with Gomez. When asked about their current status, she avoided the question but mentioned being bullied online by fans of her former friend.


The revelation by Francia Raísa’s father adds further context to the reported fallout between her and Selena Gomez. While the specifics of their disagreement remain private, it highlights the complexities that can arise even after an extraordinary act of friendship and sacrifice.


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