Get Ready for Action: Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Solar Raid is Almost Here!

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Solar Raid Release Date Announced

Rainbow Six Siege is releasing a new season called Operation Solar Raid in a few weeks and gamers cannot wait to get their hands on all the new content coming with it. This article outlines everything you need to know regarding the season’s release date, the Test Server, and the new features to expect.

When is Operation Solar Raid Being Launched?

The much-anticipated Operation Solar Raid will finally be released on December 6th, 2022. This season has been labeled a game-changer season since it comes with numerous tweaks and changes in the game mode, operators, and more. With a new map, Nighthaven Labs, and the introduction of the Colombian operator Solis, gamers are in for an incredible experience.

Operation Solar Raid Test Server Dates and Details

The Operation Solar Raid Test Server is now open and available for PC players to try out all of the new features that the upcoming season comes with. Being part of the most important moments of the season, it is critical that players provide Ubisoft with feedback on any bugs or glitches noticed during gameplay to ensure that the final version of the game does not have any issues that players might face no matter how small the issue may seem. As much as it would have been an incredible opportunity for console players, the Test Server is only open for PC players.

Introduction of the New Map: Nighthaven Labs

Description of Map

Nighthaven Labs’ architecture and technological marvels are on full display with green cliffs, open sea, and clear sky. Players get to explore its immaculate interior design filled with access points that allow various navigational flows. The facility challenges players to unlock unusual opportunities such as the hatch just outside the meeting room.

Main Features of Nighthaven Labs Map

  • Open sea
  • Green cliffs
  • Clear sky
  • Immaculate architecture
  • Technological marvels
  • Free navigational flows
  • Access points
  • Variety of unusual opportunities

Introduction of the New Operator: Solis

Description of the New Operator

Solis is the new Colombian operator in the game, and she joins the game’s defender side. She has a SPEC-IO Electro-Sensor gadget that helps to gather intel to plan coverage and also analyzes and identifies attacking devices such as drones, breaching devices, cameras, and more. In addition, she can use her gloves to interact with the gadget overlay and trigger a cluster scan.

Weapon Loadouts

  • P90
  • ITA 12L
  • SMG-11

Ranked Mode Changes: Ranked 2.0

Overview of Ranked 2.0

Ranked 2.0 is the revamped ranked mode in Rainbow Six Siege, and it introduces major changes to the game. Players’ Rank will no longer be determined by their MMR, but by how many Rank Points they lose or win after every ranked match. Every rank now has five divisions, and each division requires 100 Rank Points to advance to the next. A new Rank, Emerald, has been added between Platinum and Diamond. Skill is now a new value that has been separated from MMR and is a hidden value for all playlists that carries over from season to season. Lastly, Ranked’s reward system has been revamped to reward players for every Rank division that they achieve throughout the season.

Main Features of Ranked 2.0

  • No more squad MMR restriction
  • New algorithm to adapt matchmaking to varying skill levels
  • Reward system improvements
  • Skill is now a hidden value for all playlists


The Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Solar Raid Release Date Announced is an article that highlights all the significant features coming with Rainbow Six Siege’s new season. The introduction of a new map, a new operator, a revamped ranked game mode, and more promises to take the gaming experience to the next level. Ubisof encourages players to provide feedback on any bugs or glitches to ensure the final version is flawless and that players enjoy the best possible experience.


1. Can console players use the Test Server?

No, unfortunately, the Test Server is only accessible to PC players at this time.

2. When is the Operation Solar Raid to be launched

Operation Solar Raid will officially launch on December 6th, 2022.

3. How come Ranked 2.0 is separate from MMR?

Ranked 2.0 is separated from MMR to improve players’ skill experience across all playlists and ensure that players are ranked justly based on how they play the game.

4. What happens with the new introduction of Emerald Rank?

The introduction of Emerald Rank creates an additional challenging game mode that offers players the chance to advance to Diamond rank.

5. Will Skill carry over from season to season?

Yes, Skill is a hidden value that carries over from season to season.


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