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Get ready for Queer Eye Season 7: Revel in a heartwarming transformation with the Fab Five!

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Strutting with the Fab Five: A Review of Queer Eye Season 7

If you’re asking yourself some variation of “Queer Eye has seven seasons?” or even “Wait, Queer Eye is still on?” you’d be forgiven. After all, both the individual and collective celebrity of the members of the Fab Five—food and wine expert Antoni Porowski, fashion stylist Tan France, grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness, interior designer Bobby Berk, and culture and lifestyle specialist Karamo Brown—have long transcended their Emmy-winning reality show.

Season 7 Premiere

The season 7 premiere of Queer Eye is rapidly approaching. The season will consist of seven, 45-minute episodes that will all be made available to stream on the 12th of May 2021.

What to expect

This season is sure to hit us right in the feels. The subjects of this season’s episodes include:

Dan Stein

The beloved, non-camera shy owner of Stein’s Deli

Stephanie Williams

A Saints “Fan of the Year” who gets vulnerable in front of cameras as she discusses her journey as a queer woman

UNO’s Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity brothers

Cooper Lemon, Josh Johnson, Ryan Parker, Josh Allen, and Ian Raybourn, who the production calls “down on their luck.”

Maryam Henderson-Uloho

Of SisterHearts Boutique and Thrift Store in Arabi. She spent over a dozen years in prison, but today works as an entrepreneur and motivational speaker working to help reverse prison-related trauma.

Michael Richard

The farm and outreach coordinator for Recirculating Farms

Jenni Seckel

She does not, according to this season’s trailer, like avocado, but does serve as principal for KIPP New Orleans.

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Ray Walker

Who appears to share his story of reckoning with the loss of the use of his legs following a car crash in 2020 when his family was on the way to lay flowers on his grandmother’s gravesite.

What’s new in this season?

Location, location, location! We’re in colorful New Orleans this time around, all muffuletta sandwiches and marching bands. This season’s heroes range from the long-haired skater boys of Lambda Chi Alpha to a sports-loving lesbian who needs to reconcile both her internalized homophobia and her hate for vegetables. From a formerly incarcerated entrepreneur to the lovable, non-cameras shy owner of Stein’s deli, there’s a transformation that everyone can enjoy.

What’s the same?

That formula remains the same each season, but what switches things up is the location. This season the team once again lends their expertise in food and wine, interior design, fashion, grooming, and culture. Tan will screech at the state of a closet (“It smells like a dead witch’s tit in here!”) and extol the virtues of a French tuck; JVN will shear a majestic mane and joyfully flirt with anything that moves, Karamo will unpack decades of trauma and emotionally flay you open while Antoni will show someone how to pit a Hass avocado while looking great in a white tee. Lastly, Bobby will build an entire house from the ground up in just 45 minutes offscreen. It’s reliably feel-good stuff.

What’s the critics’ consensus?

Five years and seven seasons in, our merry band of stylish sages have devised an exceedingly winning formula that keeps you cackling or crying at any given moment, no matter how many episodes you watch in one sitting. Sure, in a world of Barrys and Successions and Yellowjackets, Queer Eye might not seem like TV’s most necessary viewing, but it is still one of its most effective and affecting. The latest batch of episodes has received positive reviews from even the most critical reviewers.

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In conclusion

If you need to a break from life’s hustle and bustle, you can always spend some time with the Fab Five as they lend their expertise to new individuals in need of a touch-up. From a heartwarming story of triumph over adversity to learning about healthier living, each episode is guaranteed to inspire you. Queer Eye is worth the watch, I dare you to indulge yourself.


1. Where can I stream the latest season of Queer Eye?

The seventh season of Queer Eye is available to stream on Netflix.

2. Who are the Fab Five?

The Fab Five includes Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk, and Karamo Brown.

3. What’s different in this season of Queer Eye?

This season is based in New Orleans, Louisiana, and features different individuals that the Fab Five will transform.

4. Is season 7 still inspiring?

Yes, the latest episodes of Queer Eye continue to inspire viewers and have received positive reviews from critics.

5. What can I expect from the show?

An emotional rollercoaster ride as the Fab Five lends their expertise to transform both the surrounding areas and the individuals that they help.


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