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‘Gold Rush’ Star Rick Ness Gives His Reasons for Quitting and Details on When He Might Return

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Sri ragavi newton
Sri ragavi newton
hello guys. I am sri ragavi newton. am pursuing my bachelor's in BSc chemistry. I love to read books, novels, and articles and that made me inspire me to learn new things and made me publish articles. The concept of someone writing for a living remains nebulous, especially if the person is not tethered to a newspaper, magazine, or some other entity that bestows a title. Many people can’t picture a job that doesn’t require a trip through rush hour traffic to an office park. So I feel like I have to detail my job to justify it.

If you enjoy Discovery’s Gold Rush, you probably have wondered where one of its main characters, Rick Ness, has been recently. Since its debut in 2010, the show has captivated viewers, but Rick’s apparent disappearance has made matters even more mysterious.

However, Rick’s exact fate is revealed in Season 13, Episode 2, when one of his crew members decides to pay him a visit at his home. Continue to figure out the justification for Rick’s nonappearance on Dash for unheard-of wealth.

What happened to Rick Ness during the “Gold Rush”?

The first episode of the new season of Gold Rush made it abundantly clear that something was up. The season debut episode wraps up with Zee endeavoring to play out a government assistance mind Rick, just to be stunned when the last option opens the entryway of his home to uncover himself.

Fans will learn more about why Zee was so shocked to see Rick in such a bad state in the second episode of the season. Rick tells Zee that he is working on a car in the garage and wants to speak there, despite appearing disheveled. Rick replies that he is fine and “still standing” when Zee inquires about his health.

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Rick responds that he hasn’t been up to mining in a while when Zee inquires as to why he hasn’t been doing so. Rick responds that he “crashed hard” after returning home from the previous mining season and hasn’t felt the willpower to get up and go back out there. Zee presses Rick for more information by asking if the feeling is mental or physical.

Rick acknowledged to Zee that he has seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Rick tells Zee that he thinks he has SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which is one of the most open admissions from a Gold Rush cast member to date. According to the Mayo Clinic, this condition “is a type of depression that is related to changes in the seasons — SAD begins and ends at about the same times every year.”

Rick concedes that he never used to battle with discouragement and that is the reason it has been so difficult for him to pinpoint it as the reason for his dull feelings lately.

After that, Zee inquires as to Rick’s opinion regarding whether or not the upcoming death of his mother in 2020 was a factor in his negative emotions. Because of this, Rick is forced to admit that he still owns her house, has not altered it in any way, and has not visited it since she passed away.

Rick is persuaded by Zee that he must correct himself in order to “kill it” and return to mining. Rick says that he is getting better over time, but before returning to mining, he should go to his mother’s house and try to get some closure on the whole thing.

Is Rick Ness coming back to “Gold Rush”?

While the gold digger has not remarked on if and when he will get back to the show, fans suspect Rick might be getting back to the field. Rick stated in a job advertisement that he is seeking a mechanic in a post that he published on Facebook on February 6, 2023.

“Completely authorized diesel Specialist. must bring their own fully loaded service truck to the job. must have previous experience working with both older and newer machines. Welding and fab experience are an or more.

“Must be willing to work from home and, preferably, be accustomed to working long hours,” he wrote. If you haven’t already guessed, the job is seasonal and takes place on a mine site in Canada’s Yukon Territory between April and October. Experience working in a mine is obviously a plus, but it is not necessary.

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