MasterChef Contestant Autumn Moretti Suffers Foot Injury: What Happened and How Will It Affect Her Performance? Know The Details

As Season 11 of MasterChef: Legends begins to come to a close, things are getting hot in the kitchen. Autumn Moretti, a native of Boston, is one of the eight chefs still vying for the top honor.

Before joining the show, Autumn worked as a bartender. Since then, she has demonstrated her culinary skills, and she does an excellent job of it. She engages with her Instagram followers outside of the program to express her passion for video games she loves Pokémon in particular.

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Viewers on a previous segment of the series observed Autumn moving about the kitchen with the cast covering her foot.

Since it didn’t occur while being filmed, many viewers have wondered what happened to her.

While Season 11 is now showing, production was briefly halted for just seven months while it was being filmed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The competitors dispersed to their homes to stay with their families during this time, returning to finish once it was safe to do so.

Observant Reddit users who followed Autumn’s social media during the pandemic reported that Autumn hurt her foot while playing with her sisters.

They discovered a childhood photograph with them all piled on top of one another, the Reddit user posted.

Autumn was at the bottom; the final sister leaped up, they all collapsed, and her foot fractured countless times. The video is hilarious. She has a story about it on Instagram

So people didn’t miss anything on MasterChef, and her injured foot isn’t the result of a cooking disaster.

Where did Autumn’s accent go? Some people question whether she feigned her accent for the performance.

Some people have remarked that Autumn’s once-prominent Boston accent has faded as the season has gone on, and some have questioned whether it was always genuine.

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Early episodes featured a strong Boston accent from Autumn, a Reddit user commented.

She has had plenty of screen media to notice that over the past few episodes, it has all but vanished. Was it faked from the beginning, or do you believe she was instructed to drop it?

While it’s unclear whether Autumn’s chances would have improved or decreased if she had faked a Boston accent, several other people have noted that it’s simple to lose a way of speaking if you’re not in your hometown.

Others noted that there is now a seven-month break in filming around Episodes 10 and 11 for all of this season. Her accent might have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which momentarily halted filming on the show.

Fox broadcasts MasterChef: Legends on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST.

She has reportedly been the talk of the show for her talent as well as other things fans seem to like her a lot and love viewing people who were seen worrying about her due to all this and her foot hurt now you know what happened.

FAQ ( Friendly Asked Questions ): 

Q:1 Who is Autumn Moretti?

A: Autumn Moretti, a Boston native, is known for her excellent culinary skills that she’s showcased on television. But not many may know that she originally started as a bartender in the city.

Offscreen, one of the things that make her unique is her passion for video games which is prominently shared through her Instagram page. Many of her 54.8 k followers will be aware of this since she often highlights it and expresses love for Pokemon in particular!

In an unusual twist during a recent episode, viewers witnessed Autumn walking around the kitchen with a cast on her foot. What was the story behind it? Well… rumor has it that she had an accident while playing one of her favorite games but what happened exactly remains unknown – until perhaps we see another episode unfold…

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Q:2 What caused Autumn’s foot injury?

A: Although viewers are currently tuning in to the current season of The Masked Singer which was shot during the COVID-19 pandemic when production halted for seven months, fans can rest assured that they didn’t miss any of the fun.

During this time, the contestants had returned home to quarantine with their families, including Autumn. Undoubtedly an eagle-eyed fan on Reddit noticed something on Autumn’s social media that explained how she broke her foot while messing around with her sisters.

“They found a picture from when they were kids where they all stacked up on each other’s back,” the Reddit user wrote. “Autumn was the bottom, the last sister jumped up and they all fell and her foot broke in a zillion places.” Thankfully it looks like no one was too badly hurt but it looks like there was plenty of fun happening off-screen!

Q:3 What became Autumn’s distinctive way of speaking?

A: Autumn Moretti, a Boston bartender who can sometimes be seen competing in the hit TV series MasterChef: Legends, has been causing division amongst viewers. Some believe that her Boston accent is real while others think it’s not.

Early into the season, Autumn had a strong Boston accent which lead some viewers to question its authenticity.

However, fans defending the culinary star point out that due to the break in filming due to the COVID-19 pandemic, her accent may have slightly changed due to a shift in the environment. With new episodes being broadcasted weekly on Wednesdays at 8 pm EST on Fox, viewers will continue to argue over this mystery.

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