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Is Supergirl Season 7 Happening? Discover the Future of Your Favorite Female-Led Superhero Show!

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Supergirl has been a beloved superhero series that has captivated millions of viewers worldwide since its debut in 2015. The series has delivered astounding episodes that feature inspiring adventures and a female-led story that reflects the diversity of women around the world. However, after the sixth season, the showrunners announced that Supergirl Season 7 would not be happening. In this article, we will examine the reasons why Supergirl was cancelled, discuss some interesting details about the show and explore whether it is possible for a Supergirl season 7 to happen in the future.

Overview of Supergirl Series

The Success of Supergirl

Supergirl is a popular DC comic-based television series that has won millions of hearts worldwide. The series featured Melissa Benoist, who played the titular role for six seasons. The show was the first female-led story for the small screen since Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman came to an end 36 years earlier.

Supergirl Season 6 and the Series Finale

The DC comic-based American television series Supergirl concluded with Season 6. The season finale concluded by showing Cat Grant reacquiring CatCo and offering Kara a job as her editor-in-chief. But that’s not the end of the Supergirl series. As per the Comic Book, Kara Danvers will fly off to the future and join the superheroes’ team.

Why Was Supergirl Cancelled?

There are more reasons behind the cancellation of The CW’s popular superhero series. Firstly, the production of Supergirl Season 6 suffered due to the pandemic. Moreover, the filming was also delayed as a result of Melissa Benoist’s pregnancy. Additionally, falling ratings were cited as a key factor in the cancellation of the show. Each episode of the fifth installment was viewed by 1.6 million people per week, which was almost half the viewership of previous seasons.

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Details About Supergirl

Jesse Rath’s Statement About Supergirl Season 7

Jesse Rath, who played Brainiac 5 in Supergirl Season 3, shared some interesting details about the show and a Supergirl season 7 that almost happened. According to Rath, showrunners Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner initially pitched The CW on Supergirl Season 7 without Melissa Benoist. Still, the network refused. In Rath’s words, the original plan was to have a 13-episode sixth season and a 10-episode Season 7, fulfilling Melissa’s original 7-season contract.

Possible Reasons for Supergirl’s Cancellation

Delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic played a role, and falling ratings were also cited as a key factor. “I hear the producers, the studio, the network and Benoist came to a decision that it was better to end the show with a longer final season,” says Deadline’s Nellie Andreeva.

Potential for a Supergirl Season 7

Melissa Benoist Open to Returning as Supergirl

Supergirl star Melissa Benoist told EW that she is “not opposed to putting on the suit again”, before adding “I know there probably will be opportunities” to do exactly that. The actress would be happy to return but only if it feels right for the character.

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The Future of Supergirl

While The CW’s DC Arrowverse Supergirl Season 7 is not happening, Kara could be back in a new form in the future as per the ending of the series finale.


Supergirl was an inspiring superhero series that won millions of viewers’ hearts worldwide. While Supergirl Season 7 is not happening, the series’ beloved characters and messages will always be remembered by fans. Melissa Benoist and the Super Friends delivered six fantastic seasons that showcased the importance of representation and diversity on the small screen.


1. Who played Supergirl in the series?

Melissa Benoist played the titular character Supergirl/Kara Danvers in the series.

2. How many seasons and episodes of Supergirl are there?

There are six seasons and a total of 126 episodes of Supergirl.

3. Why was Supergirl cancelled?

There are multiple reasons behind the cancellation of the series, including pandemic-related production issues, declining ratings, and a decision to end the show on a high note.

4. Will there be a Supergirl Season 7?

No, Supergirl Season 7 will not happen as The CW cancelled the show after its sixth and final season.

5. Is Melissa Benoist willing to return as Supergirl in the future?

Yes, Melissa Benoist is open to returning as Supergirl in the future if it feels right for the character.



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