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Is Ted Lasso Losing his Touch in Season 3? Here’s Why Fans Are Losing Faith.

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Why Ted Lasso Season 3 is in Danger of Falling Short

The award-winning show ‘Ted Lasso’ has been a beacon of positivity and joy in the last few years, attracting millions of viewers across the globe. However, with ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 now airing, the show is in danger of falling short of expectations. Here’s why:

‘Ted Lasso’ writers may have lost their touch

Despite the initial success of ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3, the last four episodes have missed the mark in terms of storytelling and characterization. The poor plotting, lack of focus, and tedious long episodes are ruining the show’s dynamics and failing to keep up with the show’s reputation.

The ensemble cast is becoming a problem

‘Ted Lasso’ has a talented and hilarious ensemble cast, which may add to the show’s charm. But the increasing number of cast members, including recurring players turned series regulars, are creating loose ends that won’t be tied up any time soon. Beyond the confusing and hectic cast, the characters’ development is becoming increasingly shallow, complex stories being simplified to clichés for comedic purposes.

The Extended Cast Feels Like Parody

‘Ted Lasso’ creators made the protagonists, male professional athletes, into sweet, sensitive, and silly men from the hypermasculine, self-centered, and unfeeling stereotypes they are branded with. However, with each passing episode, their characters become too twee, too perfectly chipper and moral and too unrealistic to be believable as humans.

Nate’s redemption arc is confusing and unconvincing

Last season, Ted Lasso invested considerable effort in turning Nate into the show’s villain. But Season 3 failed to carry on with that narrative. His supposed redemption arc seems to be a stretch, considering the unrealistic and normalizing treatment he received towards the end of the third season.

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The Storyline is losing direction

‘Ted Lasso’ initially began with a straightforward, inspiring storyline that was easy to follow and was easy to invest in the characters. However, the introduction of Ted’s Mom muddles the story and makes everything too cluttered, losing the direction of the show’s narrative.

The Richmond team is unbalanced

When ‘Ted Lasso’ hit the screens, there was a straightforward formula of portraying the Richmond soccer team as a happy-go-lucky family of oddballs. However, with the extended length of the show, the team dynamic became unbalanced, with more significant emphasis on individual characters than the team itself. This imbalance of focus has affected the show’s grounding.

Too much focus on feel-good moments

‘Ted Lasso’ is known for its feel-good moments that leave viewers teary-eyed with joy. However, this season’s happy moments were forced and felt off-balance. When happiness seems manufactured and fake, it fails to radiate off the screen and makes the moments that were supposed to be remarkable and happy seem boring and forced.

Ted’s character is regressing

Despite being known for his optimistic outlook, the third season has made Ted Lasso regress into a more fearful and doubtful version of himself, back to his days before Richmond. This regression of Ted’s character makes the show more predictable, and it loses the impact it had initially.

Episode 11 Preview

In the penultimate episode of ‘Ted Lasso’s third season, Ted reconnects with his mom, Dottie (Becky Ann Baker). The episode titled ‘Mom City’ shows Ted, a fundamentally cheery man, getting uncomfortable and angry around Dottie, making him realize that it’s time to return to his son in the States.

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‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 may be losing its touch, but it’s still a great show. While we hope the writers find their rhythm and the cast gets a bit smaller, we’re still looking forward to Ted Lasso’s redemption arc and the show’s next season.


1. Will ‘Ted Lasso’ continue after Season 3?

The show’s co-creator, Jason Sudeikis, has said that Season 3 is the end of the story they wanted to tell. However, if the demand is there, there may be chances of starting something new in the future.

2. Is Ted Lasso’s character regressing?

Yes, Ted Lasso’s character is regressing in Season 3, making him revert to his doubtful days before Richmond.

3. How many episodes are in ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3?

‘Ted Lasso’ Season 3 has 12 episodes in total.

4. Will Ted Lasso return to the states?

It seems like Ted Lasso will indeed return to the states to reunite with his son, and possibly reconcile with Michelle.

5. Why is ‘Ted Lasso’ so popular?

‘Ted Lasso’ is popular because of its feel-good moments, heartwarming storylines, and relatable characters that offer a unique perspective on sports, life, and mental health. The show has been a beacon of positivity and joy in these hard times, and it’s not surprising why it’s so popular.


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