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Operation Dread Factor: Rainbow Six Siege Gets an Exciting Update with New Operators and Maps

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Rainbow Six Siege’s Upcoming Operation Dread Factor

Rainbow Six Siege fans, rejoice! The much-awaited Operation Dread Factor is soon to be released, and players are in for a thrilling update.

What is Operation Dread Factor?

Operation Dread Factor is the newest season of Rainbow Six Siege, which will introduce a host of exciting updates to the game.

New Operator: Fenrir

Fenrir, the latest operator in Rainbow Six Siege, is a defender who uses a purple smoke-screen gadget to reduce attackers’ field of view.

Consulate Rework

Consulate, one of the popular maps in Rainbow Six Siege, is set to receive a major rework in Operation Dread Factor.

Practice Field Changes

The Practice Field mode, which allows players to hone their skills, will also see some changes in the upcoming season.

Arcade Game Modes

Operation Dread Factor is bringing back beloved arcade game modes for Rainbow Six Siege, providing players with additional challenges.

When is the Operation Dread Factor release date?

The season is expected to be released on May 30, 2022, after being tested on the Test Server.

Test Server Feedback

Players are encouraged to provide feedback on bugs and other issues with the Test Server to help improve the overall gaming experience.

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New Season: Operation Solar Raid

In addition to the upcoming Operation Dread Factor, Rainbow Six Siege is introducing a new season called Operation Solar Raid.

New Operator: Solis

Solis, the newest defender, is equipped with the SPEC-IO Electro Sensor gadget, which locates any attacker’s gadget in range.

Nighthaven Labs Map

Rainbow Six Siege’s new map, Nighthaven Labs, will be released along with Operation Solar Raid.

Rank 2.0

Rank 2.0 will provide additional divisions for player ranks and rewards for achieving each rank.

Six Flags Over Georgia Season Pass

Six Flags Over Georgia offers several types of season passes to provide a seamless visiting experience.

Benefits of Season Passes

Season pass holders can enjoy free Six Flags parking, skip-the-line passes, food and merchandise discounts, and Flash Passes.

Differences Between Season Passes

Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Season Passes have varying levels of access and benefits.

Duration of Season Passes

The Gold Pass allows access until September 4, 2023, while the Platinum and Diamond Passes offer access throughout the entire year.

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Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming Operation Dread Factor and Operation Solar Raid and Six Flags Over Georgia’s season pass options provide ample opportunity for entertainment and fun.


How can players provide feedback about bugs on the Test Server?

Players can provide feedback on the official Rainbow Six Siege forums or in-game by using the report feature.

Can players unlock additional perks with a season pass at Six Flags Over Georgia?

Yes, season pass holders can unlock exclusive perks and discounts by upgrading their passes.

Will old maps receive any updates in Operation Solar Raid?

It is unknown whether any old maps will receive any updates in Operation Solar Raid at this time.

Are there any restrictions on visitor access with Six Flags Over Georgia’s season passes?

The Platinum and Diamond Season Passes provide unlimited access to the park on all days that are open to the public.

When can players access Nighthaven Labs and Solis on Rainbow Six Siege?

Players can access Nighthaven Labs and Solis via the Test Server before the release of Operation Solar Raid.


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