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Rainbow Six Siege: Explosive Upcoming Seasons Changing the Game!

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Upcoming Seasons of Rainbow Six Siege: What to Expect

The video game industry is always expanding, with new games and updates being released every year. One of the most popular games on the market is Rainbow Six Siege, a tactical shooter game that has been gaining attention among gamers and esports enthusiasts alike since its release in 2015. As with any game, new updates and seasons are added regularly to keep the players engaged and invested in the game. In this article, we’ll go over the upcoming seasons of Rainbow Six Siege, what to expect, and how it will impact the game and its players.

Operation Brutal Swarm (Year 7 Season 3)


The Operation Brutal Swarm season is set to be released in September 2022, which will bring plenty of new features and updates to the game. One of the main focuses of this season is the introduction of a new Singaporean attacker named Grim. Players will have access to Grim’s gadget, the Kawan Hive Launcher, which can be used for Intel-Gathering and Area Denial. In addition to this, Grim will come with new weapons and equipment, making him a valuable addition to any team.

New Map

Stadium will also be added to the game and will be a permanent map in ranked matches. Players will have to learn the layout and different features of the stadium to have an advantage against their opponents.

Major Balancing Updates

Rainbow Six Siege has a constantly changing meta, and the upcoming season will bring major balancing updates to the game. Players can expect certain operators and gadgets to be nerfed or buffed, affecting the way they are used in the game. These balancing updates can change the way the game is played and can be an opportunity for players to try out new strategies.

New Battle Pass

The new season will also bring a new Battle Pass for players to enjoy. Players will have to complete different missions and objectives to receive rewards and new and exclusive items. Battle Passes provide an incentive for players to keep playing the game and can be a fun way to unlock new items.

Year 8 Season Duration


The duration of Year 8 seasons follows a standard schedule used in previous years, with each season lasting for about three months.

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Starting and Ending Date

The starting and ending dates of each Rainbow Six Siege season are not revealed until a few days before the season launch, but following the schedule, the second season is expected to start in June, the third one in September, and the final one in December.

Operation Commanding Force (Year 8 Season 1)


The Operation Commanding Force season was released on 7th March 2023, bringing many new features and updates to the game. It features a new attacking operator named Nayara “Brava” Cardoso, with many updates and new features that can impact gameplay.

New Operator – Brava

Brava’s gadget, the Kludge Drone, enables the drone to hijack any piece of defender equipment and turn it against them. For example, the drone can hijack defender traps and make them a danger to defenders, or hijack defender cameras, such as default cameras and Maestro’s Evil Eyes, bulletproof cameras, etc. She will also come with new weapons and equipment, making her a valuable addition to any team.

Reload Cancelling

From the start of Operation Commanding Force, players will no longer be able to cancel reload once the magazine has been removed from the weapon. This change adds a realistic element to the game, and players will have to adjust to this new feature.

Finka Elite Set

Another possible new feature coming up soon is the Finka Elite Set. This has not been confirmed, but many players are excited about the possibility.

Player Comfort


At season launch, Brava’s Kludge Drone will overload Aruni’s Surya Gate rather than convert it, meaning that it will deactivate but remain a Defender device. This is a temporary fix until an issue with conversion between these two devices is resolved in a later update.

Bug Fixes

The upcoming seasons of Rainbow Six Siege not only add new content and updates but also fix common bugs and issues within the game. Some of the bug fixes that were released included Ammo desync, where players shot after a reload was finished, Low performance while rewinding, and fast-forwarding in the Match Replay, and clipping present during the deploy and pickup animations while rappelling as Osa.

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The upcoming seasons of Rainbow Six Siege bring significant changes and additions to the game. With each new update, players must adapt to new features, weapons, maps, and gadgets. These updates ensure that the game stays fresh, engaging, and exciting for players, and the introduction of new operators allows players to experiment with different strategies. As the game continues to grow, we can expect many more updates, bug fixes, and new content, keeping Rainbow Six Siege a popular game for years to come.


1) Can I play Rainbow Six Siege alone?

Yes, you can. The game features a solo mode, where you can experience the game on your own. However, playing with friends is much more fun and can enhance teamwork and coordination among team members.

2) How regularly are the updates released for Rainbow Six Siege?

Updates for Rainbow Six Siege are released regularly, with content updates, bug fixes, and balancing updates being added every few months. The game developers also listen to feedback from players and make changes accordingly.

3) What is a Battle Pass, and how does it work?

A Battle Pass is a system whereby players complete different objectives and missions to earn rewards such as weapons, skins, emotes, or charms. Players must purchase the Battle Pass and can access extra rewards by leveling up by completing objectives. Battle Passes add extra content and a goal for players to work towards.

4) Does Rainbow Six Siege have any esports tournaments?

Yes, Rainbow Six Siege has a dedicated esports scene with numerous leagues, tournaments, and international competitions. Every year, the Six Invitational is held, featuring the best teams from around the world competing for the title of world champion.

5) Can players use mouse and keyboard on Rainbow Six Siege console version?

Rainbow Six console players have been using a mouse and keyboard to gain an unfair advantage over controller players for many years now. The developers have announced that an input spoofing device (which enable mouse and keyboards to be used) is detected, that player will experience increased input lag.


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