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Succession Season 4 Finale: Shocking Twists and Tragic Ending of The Roy Siblings

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HBO’s Succession Season 4 Episode 10 Review: Exploring the Final Fate of the Roy Siblings

The finale of HBO’s Succession Season 4 Episode 10 marked not only the end of the fourth season but also the final episode of the entire series. The show has been a hit among fans and critics alike due to its compelling narratives, excellent character development, and remarkable cinematography. In this article, we will delve deep into the final moments of Succession while exploring how the Roy siblings’ intertwined fates played out.


Succession is a multi-genre TV series that combines elements of drama, black comedy, and tragedy to create an engaging narrative about a dysfunctional family. The show’s latest season was no exception, with each episode bringing new twists and turns while keeping viewers on their toes.

A Game of Power and Wealth Comes to an End

The final episode of Season 4 of Succession marks the end of a high-stakes game of power and wealth. While there were speculations about how the show would end, the final moments leave viewers stunned in its tragic glory.

The Highs and Lows of Each Character Through Visual Imagery

Directed by Mark Mylod, the opening of the final episode of Succession Season 4 is anxiety-inducing as it showcases the ups and downs of each of the Roy siblings, leaving viewers wonder about who will come out on top.

Shiv’s Complicated Marriage: An Absolute Scene-Stealer

One of the show’s most interesting plotlines has been Shiv’s complicated marriage, which has been an absolute scene-stealer. Throughout the season, we see Shiv’s confidence grow as she successfully navigates the complexities of her marriage while also maneuvering the Waystar sale.

Shiv Thinks She’s Won the Game

Shiv is confident in her ability to win, which is evident as the season progresses. However, her tone changes when Lukas Matsson enters the picture, and Shiv realizes that she may have bitten off more than she can chew.

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Matsson’s Aloofness and Goofiness

Matsson’s aloofness is tied to his goofiness, and he never wants things to be too serious. This adds an obvious tension to the narrative, which suggests Shiv is being promised too much.

Assessing the Wrongs of the Roy Siblings Feels Disgusting

The Roy siblings are all damaged in their ways, and assessing their wrongs feels not only counterproductive but also disgusting. This season finale reminds viewers of that and puts a spotlight on their opposing interests.

Exploring Shiv as a Powerful Woman in a Hostile Atmosphere

Shiv stands out as a powerful woman in a hostile atmosphere. She can handle the punches and continues to march on to her goals. However, she finally has someone she thinks is at her side, and it blows up in just one of the many plot twists of Succession Season 4 Episode 10.

The Emotional Glue Falls onto Roman

The emotional glue falls onto Roman played by Kieran Culkin, who is the third sibling despite appearing as the youngest. In the final episode, Roman needs aid, and Shiv and Ken go to find him, indicating a role reversal from previous seasons.

The Yearning for Power is Desired by Many

While the game was always about the siblings, the yearning for power is desired by many, and at the crux of it is Shiv’s relationship to Tom. This man loves Shiv like no other, despite her immense brutality to his heart.

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Tom as an American “Frontman”

Tom’s character stands out in Matsson’s eyes as an American “frontman,” providing a pain sponge for him while he does the dirty work. Despite Shiv’s overpowering attention to the deal, Matsson chooses Tom, which feels like a slap in the face to Shiv.

A Split Wide Open Like a Coconut

As the voting process begins, Shiv is a hard sell, unable to let go of the fact that Kendall grabbed the crown for herself, even if he pulled Roman up along with him for a bit while pushing her out. The final moments of the episode feel like the coconut split wide open, tearing what amity they had found and split it wide open.


Succession’s final episode was a fitting send-off for a show that had enthralled viewers for four seasons. The show’s multifaceted style, engaging characters, and remarkable writing made it a hit among fans and critics alike, and the final episode was no exception.


1. Is Succession worth watching?

Yes, Succession is worth watching if you enjoy a well-written, character-driven drama with a healthy dose of black comedy.

2. Who is the main character of Succession?

The main character of Succession is Logan Roy, the patriarch of the Roy family and the founder of Waystar Royco.

3. What is the genre of Succession?

Succession is a multi-genre TV series that combines elements of drama, black comedy, and tragedy.

4. What makes Succession unique?

Succession’s unique blend of genres, excellent character development, and remarkable cinematography sets it apart from other shows.

5. How many seasons of Succession are there?

There are four seasons of Succession, with the fourth season being the final season of the series.


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