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Succession Season 4: The Shocking Conclusion That Nobody Saw Coming in the Finale

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Succession Season 4 Episode 10 Review: The Roy Family’s Fates Revealed

The much-awaited final episode of the fourth season of the highly acclaimed series Succession is finally out, and it has lived up to the hype. Directed by Jesse Armstrong, the finale titled “Succession With Open Eyes” is a tale of two scenes accentuating the fates of the Roy family. The episode leaves its viewers with mixed emotions as relationships are broken, alliances are formed, and new CEOs take the reins of Waystar Royco. In this review, we’ll discuss how the final episode of Succession Season 4 unfolds and brings a fitting end to this iconic series.

Episode Summary

The episode starts with Kendall learning that Stewy and a majority of the shareholders won’t side with him when the board meets to decide on the GoJo deal. Meanwhile, Shiv is trying to convince Lukas Matsson that they have already won the deal. Caroline calls Shiv and tries to convince her to visit her, stating that Roman is in her residence, leading to Shiv leaving the meeting with Matsson and visiting Caroline. In Rome’s residence, Roman has a stitch on his head and argues with Kendall over the plan. Later, Greg uses his app skills to translate an exchange between Lukas and Oskar in Swedish and finds out that Shiv won’t be chosen as CEO. The Roy siblings then work together and create a united front for the board meeting to wrest the control of the company. They eventually choose Kendall as the CEO.

Seed Planting Scene

Stickering Perambulation Unit

The Stickering Perambulation Unit, or SPU, is a protocol that the Roy family follows in which they claim their father’s stuff before the board vote on GoJo. In this scene, the Roy family gathers in their father’s home and pauses for a moment to watch a video of their father at dinner. This scene sets the tone for the episode and resonates throughout.

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Father’s Video Dinner

In the video, Logan Roy looks happier than he has ever been. He shares a dirty limerick, and even the serious Gerri takes a chance to perform. The video gets passed around, and Roman, Shiv, and Kendall begin to realize that they never knew their father. What kind of relationship do they have with him, and what has he been hiding?

Two Failsons And A Faildaughter

The board meeting is chaotic, and the three Roy siblings are having a panicked meeting following the 6-6 tie. The vote makes Shiv the decider, and she exits dramatically. The essential truth that their father told them implicitly and explicitly over the years is agreed upon by Shiv and Roman: “We are bullshit.” They’re not serious people. Logan never wanted any of them to succeed him at Waystar Royco. That’s why he sold it to Lukas Matsson, and that’s why Frank, who was at the dinner table, voted in favor of the deal.

Mad Scramble for Votes

Giving In To Blackmail

Kendall has always depended on his father’s support and approval, and he is not ready to give up. Kendall tries to blackmail his siblings into securing the votes he needs to win against the coalition and Matsson. He uses Greg’s Swedish translation app to his advantage and sets in motion a plan that eventually makes him the CEO of Waystar Royco.

Changing Alliances

Tom, who was always Logan’s right-hand man, has changed his alliance and is now gravitating towards Matson’s team. He finally admits to Matson that he wants to be the next CEO and leaves Greg fighting his own battles. Shiv is overconfident, and Kendall and Roman have to convince her to create a united front to take the reins from Lukas Matson.

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The Final Showdown

Family Dinner

Caroline hosts dinner for her children and tries to change the mood by introducing her husband’s friend and his business pitch. Greg calls Kendall, and things start to get ugly. Eventually, Tom hits Greg, causing him to fight back.

The Board Meeting

The Roy siblings finally arrive in the US for the board meeting. Before doing so, they visit Connor and Willa in Logan’s old place to talk about the ownership of their father’s belongings. The meeting commences, and with Kendall’s persuasion, they finally agree to choose Kendall as the CEO.


The final episode of Succession season 4 has been one of the best episodes to date. It has been a fitting end to the series, bringing the Roy family’s story full circle. It has brought the show’s themes of greed, ambition, power, and family to the forefront. With its excellent storytelling, engaging characters, and solid performances, it’s no wonder this series has been a massive hit with viewers. While we may miss seeing the Roy family on our screens, we can now look back on their story with a newfound appreciation.


1. Is Succession a good show?

Yes, Succession is an incredible show that has received widespread critical acclaim for its excellent writing, acting, and directing.

2. What genre is Succession?

Succession is a drama series, but it also incorporates elements of black comedy.

3. Is Season 4 of Succession the last?

Yes, the season 4 finale of Succession is the series finale.

4. Who is the writer of Succession?

Jesse Armstrong is the creator, showrunner, and primary writer of Succession.

5. How many episodes are there in the final season of Succession?

The final season of Succession consists of ten episodes, including the season finale.


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