Taylor Swift’s Dad Concerned: Is Matty Healy Using Her for Fame?

Taylor Swift’s dad, Scott Kingsley Swift, is reportedly keeping a close eye on his daughter’s new boyfriend, Matty Healy of The 1975, due to concerns about the musician’s “wild past,” according to Radar Online. The article claims that Scott questions Matty’s motives behind dating Taylor and fears that he could be using her for fame. Matty has a controversial history, including addiction to heroin and prescription drugs, misbehaving with fans during concerts, and making derogatory comments about other artists. Despite these concerns, Taylor reportedly believes that Matty is “the one for her” and is not planning on ending the relationship.

Scott’s Concerns

Scott Keeps a Close Eye on Matty

According to Radar Online, Scott Swift is wary of any man that Taylor dates and is questioning Matty’s motives behind dating his famous daughter. Due to Matty’s “wild past,” Scott is said to be keeping a close eye on him to ensure that he isn’t using Taylor for fame.

Matty’s Controversial History

Matty Healy’s past includes struggles with addiction to heroin and prescription drugs, misbehaving during concerts, and making derogatory comments about other artists. These incidents have raised concerns among Taylor’s fans and inner circle, who worry about the influence that Matty may have on her.

Taylor’s Perspective

Taylor Believes Matty is “the One”

Despite the concerns surrounding Matty’s past, Taylor reportedly believes that he is “the one for her” and has no plans to end the relationship. According to an insider quoted by Radar Online, Taylor “knows all about his former issues” and believes that Matty has changed a lot in recent years.

Taylor Defends Matty

Taylor has faced criticism from fans online for dating Matty despite his controversial past. However, she has defended him in interviews and on social media, stating that she believes he has changed and that they are a good match. Taylor has also worked with Matty on music collaborations, including a remix with Ice Spice.

Matty’s Apology

Matty Acknowledges His Past Mistakes

Matty Healy has publicly apologized for his past behavior, acknowledging that he “can take it too far sometimes in front of too many people.” In particular, he apologized for making derogatory comments about rapper Ice Spice on a podcast, which he later had removed from streaming platforms.

Taylor and Matty’s Relationship

Taylor and Matty Reconnect

Taylor and Matty reportedly reconnected after a brief fling years ago, according to a source quoted by Us Weekly. The musicians run in the same circle of friends and have been seen together at concerts and recording studios. Despite concerns from Taylor’s inner circle and fans, the couple is reportedly having fun together and rekindling their relationship.

Mutual Admiration

Insiders quoted by Us Weekly claim that Taylor and Matty admire each other’s talent and have a lot of mutual friends, including Jack Antonoff. Despite their controversial pasts, the two musicians seem to have found a connection that works for them.


Taylor Swift’s father may be keeping an eye on her new boyfriend, Matty Healy, but that isn’t stopping the couple from rekindling their relationship. Despite concerns about Matty’s controversial past, Taylor believes that he is “the one for her” and has no plans to end the relationship. While some fans may criticize her for dating Matty, Taylor has defended their relationship and seems to be happy spending time with him.


1. Who is Matty Healy?

Matty Healy is the lead singer of the British band The 1975.

2. What is Matty Healy’s controversial past?

Matty Healy has struggled with addiction to heroin and prescription drugs and has made derogatory comments about other artists. He has also misbehaved with fans during concerts.

3. How long did Taylor Swift date Joe Alwyn?

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn dated for six years before quietly ending their relationship in April 2021.

4. What does Taylor Swift’s dad think of her relationship with Matty Healy?

Taylor Swift’s dad, Scott Kingsley Swift, reportedly has concerns about Matty Healy’s motives behind dating his daughter and is keeping a close eye on him.

5. Has Taylor Swift worked with Matty Healy on music collaborations?

Yes, Taylor Swift has worked with Matty Healy on a remix with Ice Spice.


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