The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, What’s in this Game? Review

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is not just a sequel to Breath of the Wild; it is a revelation that takes the franchise to new heights. Building upon the foundation set by its predecessor, this game combines the best elements from the Zelda series’ history to create an emotionally resonant, captivating, and rewarding experience. With a vast and immersive open world, innovative gameplay mechanics, and a compelling storyline, Tears of the Kingdom showcases the true essence of The Legend of Zelda.

Uncharted Exploration in a Serene Setting:

Tears of the Kingdom follows the footsteps of Breath of the Wild by presenting a naturalistic and expansive open world. However, this time, the world has changed subtly, offering surprises and hidden opportunities for exploration at every corner. Hyrule is serene, yet bustling with life and activity, creating a captivating atmosphere. The majestic and unintrusive score accentuates the gameplay, elevating moments of intense battles or narrow escapes. The world feels alive, inviting players to immerse themselves in its beauty.

Flexible Tools for Engaging with the World:

One of the reasons Tears of the Kingdom feels different is the introduction of more flexible tools for interacting with the environment. Similar to Breath of the Wild’s Great Plateau, players must acquire four key abilities in a tutorial area before entering the open world. These abilities serve as the foundation of Tears of the Kingdom, allowing players to build and experiment, overcoming obstacles in inventive ways. This evolution of gameplay mechanics enhances the player’s creativity without overwhelming them.

Ultra hand and Fuse:

Cornerstones of Exploration and Combat: Ultrahand and Fuse are two crucial abilities that shape the gameplay experience in Tears of the Kingdom. Ultrahand enables players to assemble various objects, including new building materials and ancient Zonai machine parts. Fuse, on the other hand, allows players to modify weapons, arrows, and shields by attaching different components. These abilities encourage experimentation, offering a vast array of combinations and surprising outcomes. From attaching Zonai fan parts to a raft to using bombs on arrows or shields, players can discover unique ways to overcome challenges.

Recontextualizing Weapon Durability:

Tears of the Kingdom reimagines weapon durability, addressing concerns raised by players in Breath of the Wild. While fusing items provides extra durability, the focus shifts towards encouraging players to explore new combinations rather than hoard objects. This approach transforms every object into a potential experiment, fostering a sense of playfulness and creativity. The game rewards players for trying new things, finding joy in unexpected results, and removing the pressure of scarcity and resource management.

Recall, Ascend, and Autobuild:

Additional Abilities: In addition to Ultrahand and Fuse, Tears of the Kingdom introduces Recall and Ascend. Recall allows players to rewind objects, enabling combat and exploration strategies like returning bombs or creating moving platforms. Ascend lets players swim upwards through solid rock, uncovering hidden rooms and reaching inaccessible areas. Autobuild, an extension of Ultrahand, simplifies construction by automatically assembling saved or favorite designs. These abilities expand gameplay possibilities, making traversal and puzzle-solving more dynamic.

Vertical Exploration and Technical Performance:

The construction tools and Ascend ability reduce the reliance on the stamina meter for climbing, while the game’s vertical focus ensures smooth traversal. Skyview Towers serve as both waypoints and launchpads, propelling players into the sky and offering breathtaking views. Despite concerns about the Nintendo Switch’s hardware capabilities, Tears of the Kingdom runs smoothly, with minimal frame rate issues. Nintendo and Monolith Soft have showcased their technical prowess, maximizing the system’s potential.

Exploration and Adventure in Tears of the Kingdom

One of the defining aspects of Tears of the Kingdom is its emphasis on exploration and adventure. The vast and diverse open world of Hyrule is filled with opportunities to discover hidden secrets, encounter unique characters, and engage in thrilling quests. Similar to its predecessor, Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom presents a naturalistic setting that feels both serene and bustling with life.

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Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom is not a static world. It has undergone subtle changes, with new surprises and unexpected encounters awaiting the players. The map is marked with numerous points of interest, enticing players to explore every corner and embark on new adventures. Whether it’s stumbling upon a hidden shrine, stumbling upon a captivating landscape, or encountering a group of lively NPCs, the world of Tears of the Kingdom never fails to engage and captivate.

The immersive experience of exploring Hyrule is enhanced by the game’s stunning score. The music complements the gameplay seamlessly, creating a dynamic atmosphere that intensifies during critical battles or moments of peril, while also providing soothing melodies that allow players to immerse themselves in the game’s ambiance. The music serves as a companion throughout the player’s journey, enhancing the emotional resonance of the game.

Revolutionizing Gameplay with Flexible Tools

Tears of the Kingdom introduces a new level of flexibility in gameplay by providing players with a set of tools that allow for creative problem-solving and experimentation. The abilities bestowed upon the player character, Link, expand the possibilities for interaction with the environment and enemies in ingenious ways.

The Ultrahand ability is a cornerstone of exploration in Tears of the Kingdom. It allows players to piece together various objects and materials they come across in the world. The range of items that can be combined is vast, including new building materials and ancient Zonai machine parts. This opens up endless opportunities for players to experiment with different combinations and discover inventive solutions to obstacles. For example, attaching Zonai fan parts to a raft can turn it into an airborne vehicle, while attaching a bomb to an arrow creates an explosive shot.

Another key ability, Fuse, adds another layer of depth to gameplay. It enables players to modify their melee weapons, arrows, and shields by attaching objects to them. This thematically ties in with Ultrahand and encourages players to experiment with various combinations to see what surprising outcomes they can achieve. Fuse recontextualizes the concept of weapon degradation from Breath of the Wild, transforming it into a mechanism that encourages players to constantly explore new possibilities rather than hoarding and preserving items.

Additionally, Tears of the Kingdom introduces the Recall and Ascend abilities. Recall allows players to rewind objects back to a previous state, providing both combat and exploration applications. For instance, it can be used to throw a bomb back at enemies or create temporary platforms for traversal. Ascend, on the other hand, enables players to swim upwards through solid rock, granting access to hidden rooms and shortcuts. These abilities further expand the player’s arsenal of tools and offer unique ways to overcome challenges.

Building on these abilities, Tears of the Kingdom introduces the optional Autobuild ability, an extension of Ultrahand. Autobuild allows players to quickly assemble designs they have saved or marked as favorites using available materials and Zonai parts. This feature streamlines the process of constructing complex objects, such as hot air balloons or small airplanes, without the need to recreate them from scratch each time. It adds convenience while retaining the spirit of creative experimentation.

The Integration of Verticality and Traversal

The construction tools and Ascend ability in Tears of the Kingdom transform the gameplay into a vertically oriented experience. While the stamina meter for climbing is de-emphasized, the game’s design seamlessly incorporates vertical traversal into the exploration process. This is further enhanced by the presence of

the Paraglider and the newly introduced Zephyr Wings. These tools allow players to navigate the expansive world of Tears of the Kingdom with ease, gliding through the skies and reaching previously inaccessible locations.

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The verticality of the game opens up a whole new dimension of exploration and puzzle-solving. Players can soar to towering peaks, dive into deep ravines, and explore hidden caves nestled high above the ground. The world is filled with vertical puzzles that require players to utilize their traversal abilities and creative thinking to progress. Whether it’s finding the optimal path to reach a shrine suspended in the sky or using the Ascend ability to ascend through a solid rock formation, the verticality adds a sense of grandeur and discovery to the gameplay.

Furthermore, Tears of the Kingdom introduces new climbing challenges and obstacles that make scaling mountains and structures more thrilling. From treacherous weather conditions like strong gusts of wind to hostile creatures guarding key areas, players must strategize and adapt their approach to overcome these hurdles. The inclusion of dynamic climbing mechanics and the ability to rappel down surfaces add depth and excitement to the traversal experience.

Engaging Combat and Strategic Approaches

Combat in Tears of the Kingdom retains the fluidity and intensity established in previous Zelda titles while incorporating new elements that enrich the experience. The game offers a diverse range of enemies, each with unique strengths and weaknesses, requiring players to adapt their strategies accordingly. From towering bosses to nimble adversaries, battles are dynamic and engaging, encouraging players to think on their feet and make strategic decisions.

The Fuse ability mentioned earlier plays a significant role in combat as well. Players can modify their weapons and shields with different objects and materials to gain specific advantages against certain enemies. For example, attaching a fire-infused object to a sword can deal extra damage to ice-based enemies, while attaching a metal object to a shield can attract lightning strikes and stun nearby foes. The possibilities for customization and experimentation in combat are vast, allowing players to tailor their playstyle to their preferences.

Tears of the Kingdom also introduces new combat maneuvers, such as the Dash Strike and Aerial Takedown, which add depth and variety to combat encounters. The Dash Strike allows Link to swiftly close the gap between him and enemies, delivering a powerful blow, while the Aerial Takedown enables him to perform acrobatic maneuvers mid-air, unleashing devastating attacks from above. These new abilities, combined with the verticality of the game, create thrilling opportunities for aerial combat and dynamic engagements.

Multiplayer Adventures

One of the most exciting features of Tears of the Kingdom is its multiplayer mode, which allows players to embark on adventures together with friends. Whether it’s exploring the vast world, solving puzzles, or engaging in combat, the multiplayer mode provides a cooperative experience that amplifies the enjoyment of the game.

In multiplayer mode, players can form a party of up to four adventurers, each controlling their version of Link. The cooperative gameplay encourages teamwork and coordination, as players can strategize, share resources, and combine their abilities to overcome challenges more efficiently. Additionally, Tears of the Kingdom introduces exclusive multiplayer quests and dungeons designed specifically for cooperative play, providing unique and rewarding experiences for players who choose to embark on this multiplayer adventure.


Tears of the Kingdom builds upon the foundation set by its predecessor, Breath of the Wild, and takes players on an unforgettable journey through the vast and dynamic world of Hyrule. With its emphasis on exploration, flexible tools, verticality, engaging combat, and the addition of multiplayer adventures, the game offers a wealth of content and experiences to captivate players for hours on end. Whether you’re a fan of the Zelda series or a newcomer to the franchise, Tears of the Kingdom promises an epic and immersive adventure that will leave a lasting impression.


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