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Tom Sandoval’s Villainous Deeds Unveiled in Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Finale – Must-See!

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**Title: Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Finale: Tom Sandoval’s True Colors Exposed**

The latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, “There’s Something About Her,” revealed a dark side of Tom Sandoval, overshadowing the expected celebration of Season 10’s end. The episode showcases Sandoval’s increasingly villainous actions throughout the season, particularly relating to his secret relationship with Raquel Leviss. Sandoval’s previously overlooked flaws, such as picking baseless fights with Katie Maloney and constantly stealing the show at costume parties, are now exposed in plain sight. As the finale approaches, Sandoval’s true colors were expected to be showcased no matter what.

**H1: Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Finale Bittersweet Occasion**

The Season 10 finale is bittersweet because of the recent upheaval caused by Tom Sandoval’s affair with Raquel Leviss. Fans are told to prepare for unresolved issues to be brought to the fore.

**H2: Tom Sandoval’s Affair with Raquel Leviss**

The scandal of Sandoval’s affair with Leviss has irreversibly tainted his image. Sandoval is revealed to be a bad guy in the eyes of fans. His actions, such as choosing to party with Leviss instead of being with Ariana Madix after the latter received news of the death of her grandmother, are considered unacceptable.

**H3: Sandoval’s Association with Ariana**

Sandoval’s association with Ariana Madix has previously been a saving grace for him, garnering him a considerable fan base. However, in Season 10, Ariana mostly remained out of the spotlight, focusing on building her business and grieving the loss of a grandparent and family pet. Left to his own devices, Sandoval’s behavior became more unpleasant to watch.

**H4: Sandoval’s Manipulative Behavior**

In Season 10, Sandoval’s interventionist and aggressive behavior have left fans questioning his morality. He intervenes in conflicts that aren’t his and is quick to attack those who fall short of his unrealistic expectations.

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**H5: Sandoval’s Confrontation with Madix**

In the latest episode, Sandoval’s confrontation with Madix reveals his inability to take responsibility for his shortcomings. Madix is made to bear the brunt of Sandoval’s unmet expectations, which leads to conflict as Madix requests more quality time to connect with Sandoval. Sandoval prioritizes activities such as taking mushrooms, hang gliding, and watching the sunrise over engaging in meaningful activities with Madix. This highlights Sandoval’s inability to cultivate relationships and the resulting tension he creates.

**H6: Sandoval Loudly Argues with Katie Maloney**

As Madix has a breakdown in the corner, Sandoval ignores her and obnoxiously argues with Maloney about her dislike of Schwartz and Leviss. This behavior depicts Sandoval poorly and further highlights his inability to navigate social situations.

**H7: Tom Schwartz’s Battle with Katie**

Schwartz’s battle with Katie in Season 10 poses a challenge to their relationship, and their interpersonal conflicts provide a good subplot for fans to follow.

**H8: Ariana Madix’s Grief**

Madix’s grief is a significant plot point in Season 10. Primarily, Madix’s grief is addressed through various dialogues with Schwartz and Leviss.

**H9: Vanderpump Rules Forums**

Fans can join the Vanderpump Rules forums to discuss the show’s progress and share insights and ideas.

**H10: Vanderpump Rules Finale Airs on May 17**

The finale will air on May 17 on Bravo and can be streamed on Peacock the following day. With so many loose ends to tie up, it’s sure to be an exciting conclusion for the show’s fans.

**H11: Vanderpump Rules Unresolved Conflicts**

The Vanderpump Rules finale will bring many unresolved conflicts to the fore. Fans are anticipating a degree of conclusive resolution but with the looming truth about Sandoval’s true colors, who knows what to expect.

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**H12: Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval’s Friendship**

Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval’s friendship is a prominent subplot in Season 10. Their shenanigans and bond counterbalance the toxic masculinity displayed by other past cast members like Jax Taylor.

**H13: Vanderpump Rules Peacock Streaming Service**

Fans can stream Vanderpump Rules on the Peacock streaming service, beginning the day after each episode airs on Bravo.

**H14: Vanderpump Rules Cast Members**

The Vanderpump Rules cast members are regularly featured on gossip sites and social media, so fans can stay up to date on their personal and professional lifestyles between seasons.

**H15: Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ Future**

As the series progresses, fans are curious about the future of Sandoval and Leviss’ relationship, with many predicting how things will play out given what we now know about Sandoval’s true character.

**Conclusion Paragraph:**

In conclusion, the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, “There’s Something About Her,” unveils Tom Sandoval’s true colors in the series. While Sandoval’s previously overlooked flaws are now present in plain sight, fans will have to wait till the Season 10 finale to see how the season’s loose ends tie up, and the cast members’ future will pan out. Nonetheless, the Vanderpump Rules forums are open for fans to discuss and share insights as the season progresses.


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