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Will ‘The Great’ Be Back for More? Here’s What We Know About Season 4

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The Great: Will There Be a Fourth Season?

Hulu’s popular historical satire, The Great, has captivated audiences for three seasons with its witty writing, impeccable cast, and dynamic storytelling. With its latest season having premiered in May 2023, fans are wondering if a fourth season is in the works.

What is The Great About?

The Great is a satirical drama loosely based on the life of the historical figure Catherine the Great and her tumultuous marriage to Russian Emperor Peter III. The show takes a comedic approach to the history of the Russian monarchy, eschewing strict historical accuracy in favor of a playful, irreverent retelling of events.

What Happened in Season 3?

The Plot of Season 3

Season three of The Great follows Catherine and Peter as they seek marriage counseling following Catherine’s attempt to kill Peter in the previous season’s finale. Peter is grappling with the vision of his late father, and Catherine must navigate backstabbing and betrayal from her allies while managing a growing uprising among the peasant population.

The Cast of Season 3

The third season welcomes back Nicholos Hoult and Elle Fanning as Peter III and Catherine the Great, respectively. The talented supporting cast includes Adam Godley, Belinda Bromilow, Douglas Hodge, and Julian Barratt.

Will There Be a Fourth Season?

Status of Season 4

As of May 2023, Hulu has not yet confirmed whether The Great will be renewed for a fourth season.

What Elle Fanning Says About Season 4

In a recent interview with Collider, Elle Fanning shared that she would be open to the idea of another season, even though Peter’s character dies during Season 3, Episode 6. Fanning stated that the team is still figuring out how to go about it while maintaining the show’s comedic tone.

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Why Hasn’t Hulu Renewed The Great Yet?

What Executives Are Saying

It’s likely that Hulu is still assessing the audience figures and weighing the possibilities for a fourth season. While The Great has been a critical and commercial success for Hulu, the streaming landscape is unpredictable, and the future of the show is uncertain at this time.

Awards and Critical Reception of The Great

The Great has been well-received by critics over the course of its three seasons, with high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. The show has also been recognized with nominations and awards for its excellent writing and acting.

Previous Plans for the Show

The show’s executive producers previously pitched the idea for six seasons of the show, and there is plenty of historical material to draw from in Catherine the Great’s life. However, creator Tony McNamara has stated that he likes not knowing what comes next and prefers to invent new storylines as he goes along.

When Might a Fourth Season Be Released?

Previous Season Premieres

There has typically been around a year and a half between seasons of The Great. Assuming this pattern continues, a potential fourth season could premiere in late 2024 or early 2025.

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Current COVID-19 Impact on Production

It is impossible to know how or if the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may affect the production schedule for a fourth season of The Great or any other show.


While fans of The Great eagerly await official news on a potential fourth season, the show’s legacy as a clever, subversive, and endlessly entertaining historical satire is already secure. With an outstanding cast and a team of gifted creators behind it, the future of The Great looks bright.


1. Is The Great based on a true story?

While The Great is inspired by the life of Catherine the Great and some of the events depicted in the show are based on historical fact, it is not a strictly accurate retelling of history.

2. Who stars in The Great?

The show stars Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great and Nicholas Hoult as Peter III, with a talented ensemble cast supporting them.

3. What genre is The Great?

The Great is a satirical historical drama with elements of comedy.

4. Has The Great won any awards?

Yes, The Great has been nominated for and won awards for its writing and acting.

5. Where can I watch The Great?

The Great is a Hulu original series, and it is available to stream exclusively on Hulu.


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