XO, Kitty Season 2: All You Need to Know About the Long-Awaited To All The Boys Spin-Off

XO, Kitty Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

The long-awaited spin-off of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before has taken fans by storm, with the debut of “XO, Kitty” on Netflix. The first season features Lara Jean’s younger sister, Kitty Song Covey, as she navigates love, loss, and teenagehood while studying abroad in South Korea. With the season 1 finale leaving viewers on a major cliffhanger, fans are eagerly awaiting news of season 2 for answers to the many questions still unanswered. Here’s what we know so far:

Will There Be a Season 2?

Netflix has yet to confirm whether there will be a second season of “XO, Kitty.” However, given the fanbase and the success of the first season, it’s highly likely that we’ll see a follow-up to Kitty’s adventure. Until then, fans will have to wait for official news from Netflix.

Characters We Can Expect to See

Should a second season of “XO, Kitty” come to fruition, there are several characters that fans can expect to see:

Main Characters

  • Anna Cathcart as Kitty Song Covey
  • Minyeong Choi as Dae
  • Gia Kim as Yuri
  • Anthony Keyvan as Q
  • Sang Heon Lee as Min Ho
  • Théo Augier Bonaventure as Florian
  • Jocelyn Shelfo as Madison

Supporting Characters

  • John Corbett as Dan Covey (Kitty’s Dad)
  • Sarayu Blue as Trina Rothschild (Kitty’s Step-Mother)

While Lana Condor (Lara Jean) and Janel Parrish (Margot) didn’t make appearances in the first season, fans are hopeful that they may make a cameo in season two.

What Will Season 2 Be About?

After the finale of the first season, there are many questions that need answering, and fans are anxious to find out what’s going to happen next.

Kitty’s Future

With Kitty being expelled from KISS, it’s unclear what will happen to her education and how this will affect her relationship with those around her. Will she continue to study abroad? Will she make amends and be allowed to return to KISS? Fans are eager to know.

The Love Triangle

The finale of season one left the love triangle between Dae, Kitty, and Yuri unresolved. Now that Kitty has broken up with Dae, it’s unclear what will happen between her and Yuri, especially with the arrival of Yuri’s girlfriend, Juliana. On top of that, we have Min Ho’s confession at the airport, which brings up new questions about a potential new love interest for Kitty.

Relationships with Family and Friends

“XO, Kitty” has always had a strong focus on the relationships between family and friends. With Kitty going through so many changes, it is uncertain what this will mean for her relationships. Will she have tensions and conflicts with her stepmother? How will her sister, Lara Jean, and friend, Lucas, react to the news of her expulsion?

When Will Season 2 Be Released?

As mentioned earlier, Netflix hasn’t confirmed whether there will be a second season of “XO, Kitty.” That being said, the delay in production due to COVID-19 may impact the release date of a possible second season. Fans are waiting eagerly for any news on this.

The Future of the To All The Boys Franchise

The To All The Boys franchise has been a significant success on Netflix, with a massive following of fans. While there are no promises of additional seasons of “XO, Kitty,” fans are hoping to see more spin-offs featuring other beloved characters from the franchise, such as Lucas and Chris.

Final Thoughts

With season one leaving fans on the edge of their seats, and many unanswered questions about Kitty Song Covey’s journey in Seoul, we can only hope that Netflix will confirm the production of “XO, Kitty” season two soon. Fans of the franchise are excited to see where Kitty’s journey takes her.


1. Who plays Kitty Song Covey in “XO, Kitty”?

The character of Kitty Song Covey is played by actress Anna Cathcart.

2. Were any of the original To All The Boys characters featured in “XO, Kitty”?

Lana Condor (Lara Jean) and Janel Parrish (Margot) didn’t make any appearances in the spin-off series.

3. What is the genre of “XO, Kitty”?

“XO, Kitty” is a romantic-comedy series, much like its parent franchise, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

4. Will the delay in production impact season 2’s release date?

Due to the delay in production caused by the pandemic, there is no definite timeline as to when the possible second season will be released.

5. Are there any other spin-offs planned in the To All The Boys franchise?

While nothing is set in stone, fans of the franchise are hoping to see additional spin-offs featuring other characters in the future.


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