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Breaking News: YouTube to Lower Monetization Requirements in 2023 – Huge Opportunity for Creators!

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YouTube has shared exciting news for small creators, as it plans to introduce lower monetization requirements for its YouTube Partner Program (YPP). In addition, new monetization features for YouTube Shorts will shift the entire short-form industry, providing long-term monetization options for creators.

The new Criteria is:
500 Subscribers, 3000 hours of watch time

New Rules for YouTube Shorts Monetization

Creators who make popular Shorts videos currently get paid through a Shorts fund, which is not part of the YPP. However, soon, Shorts views will count towards monetizing a channel. In early 2023, creators can apply to the YPP if they have hit 1,000 subscribers and 10 million Shorts views over 90 days.

Revenue-Sharing for YouTube Shorts

Youtube will pool together the entire ad revenue made on YouTube Shorts and share revenue based on the number of views the creator receives, with 45% of the revenue going to the Creator and 55% going to YouTube. This system will replace the Shorts Fund, and the majority of creators are expected to earn more than before with the new model.

YouTube Partner Program Tiers, Lower Entry Requirements

A new YPP level with reduced requirements will give creators early access to monetization features like Super Chats and Channel Memberships. These tiers will also have “creator paths” emphasizing long-form videos, YouTube Shorts, or live streams.

Make Money from YouTube Videos That Have Copyrighted Music

YouTube is launching Creator Music to license songs from a music catalog. Creators can download affordable songs and use those tunes in their long-form videos with the standard revenue share. Creator Music is currently in beta in the U.S. but will expand the service in 2023.

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Making Money on YouTube Outside of YPP

Those that donโ€™t qualify for YPP under either model will still be able to make money on YouTube with long-form content, YouTube Shorts, and live streams, via Super Thanks, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and channel memberships.

New YPP Threshold

YouTube is introducing a new threshold option in 2023: 5000 subscribers and 10 million Shorts views in the last 90 days. Once creators are in the program, they will receive all of the benefits of YPP, including ads on long-form videos.

YouTube Rewarding Shorts Creators

YouTube is rewarding Shorts creators with early access to features typically reserved for YouTube Partner Program (YPP) members. However, the requirements for joining the YPP are onerous for Shorts creators, with 1,000 subscribers and 3,000 watch hours being required. These requirements can be satisfied with long-form content, but not YouTube Shorts, which is Shorts creators’ main focus.

New Requirements for YPP’s Lower Threshold

The new lowered threshold option for Shorts creators must have 5000 subscribers and 10 million Shorts views over 90 days, which is more achievable for creators focused on Shorts content. This threshold will give creators early access to monetization features such as Super Chats and Channel Memberships.

A New Way for Creators to Make Money

Expanding the YPP criteria would further level the playing field for creators. The lowered threshold should provide good incentive for creators to monetize their content within the platform, which has become much easier.

YouTube Shorts Vs. TikTok

TikTok, being YouTube’s biggest competitor when it comes to Short-form video, has monetization options for creators, but the options are not adequate, especially for smaller creators. The recent move by YouTube will cause more creators to move to the platform for revenue generation once Shorts monetization opens for everyone.

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The three new changes to YouTube’s monetization policy will benefit creators in the long term. While these changes are not fully implemented yet, once they come into full effect, they will make a huge difference for those who create Shorts content. YouTube has established itself as a platform that cares about creator monetization and development, which is what distinguishes it from its competitors.


1. What is YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is a feature for creating short-form videos in vertical format, similar to TikTok.

2. What is the YouTube Partner Program?

The YouTube Partner Program is a monetization program that rewards channel owners when their videos meet a certain threshold of views and subscribers.

3. How will the new YouTube Shorts monetization system work?

The new Shorts monetization system will be based on a pooled ad revenues model, with revenue distributed to creators based on the number of views they receive.

4. What is Creator Music?

Creator Music is a new service from YouTube that allows creators to license popular music tracks to use in their videos without fear of copyright infringement.

5. What benefits are available to creators who aren’t part of the YouTube Partner Program?

Creators can still monetize content through Super Thanks, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and channel memberships even if they do not qualify for the YPP.


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