Empower Your Inner Self with Peloton’s Sundays with Love Season 3 – Join Now!

Sundays with Love Season 3

Ally Love has announced the arrival of the third season of Peloton’s “Sundays with Love” cycle classes, which will air on the upcoming six Sundays, starting October 17th. In this cycle series, we’ll be uniting together while participating in bike-riding sessions that go accessible yet challenging paths, investigating themes that prompt us to reflect on ourselves and look inward with each consecutive experience.

Empowering Self Love

Through inspiring themes, empowering music, and revealing weekly reflections, Ally Love will lead us towards validating, impactful self-love that inspires us to be our very best as the athletes that we are. Let’s join hands to make ourselves strong both physically and mentally by investing in our unique journeys with poise, patience, and power. Remember that our personal growth leads to strong bonds and lasting relationships around us, so let’s take our journey together to emerge even stronger.

Season 3: Dates and Details

The season three of Sunday with Love is presently scheduled to take place on each of the upcoming six Sundays starting from October 17th at 12:00 pm Eastern Time. Each session lasts for approximately 30 minutes, during which Ally Love prompts riders to push themselves to their limits and reach their best.

Sunday Schedule:

October 17thExploring Yourself from a New Perspective
October 24thElevate Yourself
October 31stLetting Go and Leaning In
November 7thEmbracing and Reflecting Love
November 14thTrust and Surrender
November 21stPrioritizing Gratitude and Grace

Ally Love’s Inspiration for Season 3

Ally Love expressed her desire to take fans back to Peloton’s fundamental practice of self-love and enable them to accept themselves in the present moment, gaining grace through their progress. Through the third edition of Sundays with Love, it looks like she has this season’s themes embodied in their respective riding sessions. Get ready to empower positive self-talk, move beyond limiting beliefs and cultivate grace and acceptance for ourselves.

Get Ready for a Life-Changing Experience

Through exceptional coaching and motivational reasoning, Ally Love encourages riders to take control of their lives, and make the most of it. Step by step, you’ll be empowered towards extensive research on the inner territory of your mind, learning and growing within to nourish and strengthen your soul. Are you ready for an inward journey that will escalate your biking experience and enable you to self-reflection?


The Sundays with Love cycle classes are always a hit, but Season 3 makes a special choice. With unique themes incorporated into each session, we’re set to empower ourselves with graceful self-love and make allies out of our bikes. Remember, the journey to self-love leads to healthy, powerful relationships that stay with us, so let’s come in unison to create inner power, solidarity, and encouragement. We’ll ride together, grow together to effectively change ourselves.


1. Is Sundays with Love available on-demand?

Yes, after the live airing of the Sunday sessions, they will be available on-demand on the Peloton app.

2. Do I require any additional bike equipment to participate in the Sunday sessions?

No, you don’t need any extra accessories; only a Peloton bike and Peloton Membership will suffice. Peloton also offers a free trial for new members.

3. What do Sundays with Love classes charge?

For Peloton members, there are no extra charges for Sundays with Love classes.

4. Is it mandatory to participate in all six Sunday sessions?

No, it is not mandatory to attend all six sessions, but all the themes and insights that Ally Love delivers are helpful if you participate in all six sessions.

5. If I’m a beginner, can I participate in Sunday sessions?

Yes, everyone, including beginners, can participate in Sunday’s classes. Ally Love will be leading from the front, encouraging everyone through the theme of the day.


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