Find out what Zac and Fatima have in store for you in BET’s Zatima!

Zatima: A Spinoff TV Series from BET’s Sistas

BET+ will be adding a spinoff TV show to its winter lineup, titled “Zatima”. This show is a spinoff from the popular series, Sistas, and will be centred on the “it” couple, Zac and Fatima. The show will delve into the ups and downs of a couple’s relationship, and fans can expect lots of interactions from their favourite characters. Read on to find out more about this series, including its cast and release date.

Plot Overview

“Zatima” is set to follow the lives of Zac (played by Devale Ellis) and Fatima (played by Crystal Renee Hayslett) as they navigate the ups and downs of their relationship. The couple faces various challenges as they figure out their romance amidst opposition from friends, family, and other parts of their lives.

Cast and Characters

The spinoff has already announced that it will feature a mix of new and fan-favourite characters. These characters are as follows:

Zac (Devale Ellis)

Zac is a charismatic and ambitious man who works hard to maintain his over-the-top lifestyle.

Fatima (Crystal Renee Hayslett)

Fatima is a resilient woman who always puts her friends and family before herself, sometimes to her detriment.

Cameron Fuller (Nathan)

Nathan is one of Zac’s basketball buddies whose wife Lori “keeps him in check at every turn and holds him accountable for his responsibilities.”

Remington Hoffman (Bryce)

Bryce is a new stock market friend of Zac’s who doesn’t realize that his girlfriend is Fatima’s BFF.

Nzinga Imani (Angela)

Angela is Bryce’s girlfriend, who eventually connects the dots and realizes that she has heard all about Zac’s shady activities.

Jasmin Brown (Deja)

Deja is Zac’s tenant, and she works as a nail technician and stripper.

Danielle LaRoach (Belinda)

Belinda is Fatima’s sometimes-too-honest friend.

Guyviaud Joseph (Tony)

Tony is a commitment-averse friend of Zac’s who encourages his bad behaviour.

Release Date

“Zatima” has already been announced and is set to be released on September 29th. Fans of Sistas will have another reason to look forward to the winter season.

Sistas Season 5

The popular series “Sistas” is also expected to return to BET with its fifth season in October, keeping fans glued to their screens.


“Zatima” is a spinoff that is sure to captivate the hearts of Sistas fans. It focuses on Zac and Fatima’s romantic relationship and their struggles to make it work. With the cast of characters announced, and the release date set, fans already have something to look forward to this winter season.


1. Will “Zatima” be available on streaming platforms other than BET+?

At this time there’s no official information if the series will be available on any other streaming platforms beyond BET+.

2. Is there a trailer for “Zatima”?

Yes, there’s already a trailer available for “Zatima” on YouTube.

3. Is it necessary to watch Sistas before watching “Zatima”?

If you’re interested in the main characters and the backstory, it’s highly recommended that you watch Sistas before “Zatima.”

4. How many episodes will “Zatima” have?

There will be ten episodes in the first season of “Zatima.”

5. Has “Zatima” been renewed for a second season?

There’s no news yet on whether the series will be renewed for another season, but fans hope that the show will have a long run.


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