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How to Ask Oshun for Help: A Powerful Guide to Love and Sensuality Rituals

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How to Ask Oshun for Help: A Guide to Connecting with the Goddess of Love and Sensuality

Oshun is a powerful and beloved orisha in the Yoruba religion, known for her powers of love, fertility, and sensuality. If you need help in these areas of your life, or simply wish to connect with Oshun’s energy, there are several ways to call upon her for assistance. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the most effective methods for asking Oshun for help.

Understanding Oshun’s Powers and Personality

Before you begin to ask Oshun for help, it’s important to have a basic understanding of her powers and personality. Some key facts to know about Oshun include:

  • Oshun is often associated with water, purity, and fertility
  • She is known for her powers of love and attraction
  • Oshun is both loving and temperamental, and may withhold her blessings if she feels disrespected
  • She has a special connection to women and is often called upon for help with childbirth, love, and feminine empowerment

Preparing for Your Oshun Ritual

If you wish to call upon Oshun for help, it’s important to prepare yourself and your space beforehand. Here are some steps to take to set the stage for your ritual:

  • Cleanse your space with sage or another purifying herb
  • Set up an altar for Oshun, if desired
  • Gather any offerings you wish to make to Oshun, such as honey or flowers
  • Dress in yellow or another color associated with Oshun
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Making Offerings to Oshun

When making offerings to Oshun, it’s important to choose items that reflect her personality and preferences. Some common offerings to Oshun include:

  • Honey
  • Flowers, particularly sunflowers and marigolds
  • Gold jewelry or other items
  • Perfume or essential oils

How to Ask Oshun for Help

Once you have prepared yourself and your space, you can begin to call upon Oshun for help. Here are some steps to follow when asking Oshun for assistance:

  • Light a candle and some incense to set the mood
  • Invoke Oshun by calling out her name and stating your intention for the ritual
  • Offer your chosen gifts to Oshun
  • Sit in meditation or prayer, calling upon Oshun to grant you your desires
  • When you feel ready, thank Oshun for her time and attention

Additional Tips for Calling Upon Oshun

For best results, keep these additional tips in mind when asking Oshun for help:

  • Respect Oshun’s power and don’t make frivolous requests
  • Be sincere in your offering and intentions
  • Show gratitude for any blessings you receive
  • Repeat the ritual as often as needed to maintain a connection with Oshun


Asking Oshun for help can be a powerful way to tap into the energy of love, fertility, and sensuality. By understanding Oshun’s personality and powers, preparing your space and offerings, and calling upon her with sincerity and gratitude, you can increase your chances of success in all areas of your life.

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1. Can non-Yoruba people ask Oshun for help?

Yes, anyone can call upon Oshun for help, regardless of their cultural background or beliefs.

2. What should I do if Oshun doesn’t answer my request?

It’s possible that Oshun may not answer your request right away, or at all. Remember to be patient and keep repeating the ritual as necessary. You may also wish to seek guidance from a local spiritual leader or healer.

3. What should I do with my offerings after the ritual?

You may choose to leave your offerings on your altar, or dispose of them in a respectful manner, such as placing them in a river or burying them in the earth.

4. Can I ask Oshun for help with non-romantic issues?

Yes, Oshun is known for her powers of fertility and love, but she can also be called upon for assistance with other issues, such as health, finances, or career success.

5. Is it ever inappropriate to ask Oshun for help?

It’s important to approach Oshun with respect and sincerity, and not make frivolous or disrespectful requests. However, as long as your intentions are pure and your requests are made in good faith, it is generally appropriate to ask Oshun for help with any issue you are facing.


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