How to Track a Scammer on WhatsApp and Keep Your Personal Data Safe

Are you worried about scammers using WhatsApp to victimize you and your business? WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app with over 2 billion users, but scammers are also using it to reach their targets. Knowing how to track a scammer on WhatsApp is essential in keeping your personal and financial data secure. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to identify and track a scammer on WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Scam?

Scammers are constantly evolving their strategies, and they use fake profiles on WhatsApp to send messages containing links to websites that steal personal information or convince victims to send them money. They may also impersonate legitimate entities or demand payment with the threat of harming a loved one. These scams can be hard to spot, and even intelligent people fall prey to such fraudulent activities. However, there are some ways you can identify common red flags.

Types of WhatsApp Scams

Before we get into how to track a scammer on WhatsApp, let’s take a quick look at some of the most common scams that occur on WhatsApp:

Type of ScamDescription
Phishing ScamScammers impersonate someone you know or a legitimate company to obtain sensitive information from you.
Social Engineering ScamYou receive a text message or call from someone who is trying to con you out of money or sensitive information.
Malware ScamScammers send infected links that will take control of your device, allowing them to steal personal information.
Advance Fee ScamScammers will offer fake products or services that require an upfront fee to be paid to the fraudster to seal the deal.

How to Track a Scammer on WhatsApp?

If you suspect you’ve been scammed on WhatsApp, there are a few steps you can take to track down the scammer:

Gather Information

Step one is to gather as much information as possible about the scammer. This includes their phone number, email address, username, and any other information they provided. It is essential to avoid sharing any personal information with the scammer during the search as they can use it against you.

Reverse Image Search Tool

Next, use a reverse image search tool such as Google or TinEye, which can help you search for an image of the scammer online and could reveal their true identity.

Web Search

You can also do a web search on their phone number, which can reveal if it’s a virtual number or a real one.

Build a Profile

After gathering all necessary information, create a profile of the scammer. Include their name, age, location, occupation, and any other relevant details that could help track them down further. It is crucial to note that scammers sometimes use fake identities; therefore, verify all details before proceeding.

Contact Digital Investigation

If you find it challenging to track down the scammer on your own, you can reach out to Digital Investigation. They can help track these cyber scammers and provide tips on online safety.

Tips and Tricks for Online Safety

Here are some tips and tricks on how to protect yourself from scams on WhatsApp:

Be Vigilant

Be cautious about whom you talk to online. If you receive a message from someone whom you don’t know, be wary of them.

No Personal Data

Avoid sharing any personal information with people you don’t know online. Do not click on links sent by anyone; they may contain malware or steal personal information.

Enable 2FA

Enable two-factor authentication on your WhatsApp account to protect your data against hackers and scammers. With 2FA, no one can access your data without permission.

Report Blackmailers

If you face an immediate threat of blackmail on WhatsApp, report it to authorities right away. Digital Investigation offers a 24/7 helpline to report scammers and provides support in tracking them.


Ignoring the potential risks online is like leaving the door of your house unlocked. Scammers are constantly evolving their methods to victimize unsuspecting individuals, but they can be stopped if you know the right tricks. By gathering all the necessary information and following the steps outlined here, you can identify and track down scammers on WhatsApp, ultimately protecting yourself and your data.


Q1. What should I do if I receive a message from a scammer on WhatsApp?

A1. Delete the message and block the sender from your contact list immediately.

Q2. Can I recover my data if I’ve been scammed on WhatsApp?

A2. It depends on the type of scam. However, if the scammer has obtained access to your device, they can use your data to commit fraud.

Q3. Is it safe to click on links received on WhatsApp?

A3. Never click on a link from someone you don’t know, especially if it seems harmful. These could either contain malware or steal your personal and sensitive information.

Q4. Are reverse image search tools reliable?

A4. Reverse image search tools are only reliable if the scammer used their real identity while scamming you on WhatsApp.

Q5. Could digital investigation help me track down a scammer on WhatsApp?

A5. Yes, they offer tips and tricks on how to be safe online, and trained professionals can track down scammers on your behalf.


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