Is Ted Lasso Over? Fans Wonder About Future of Beloved Show After Season 3 Finale

Ted Lasso Fans Are Eager for More: Exploring the Possibilities of a Ted Lasso Spinoff series or Season 4


Fans of the hit Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso have been eagerly anticipating the end of the third season, while at the same time wondering whether there is more to come. Despite the fact that Ted Lasso has always been planned as a three-season series, there have been many hints dropped suggesting that there might be more to come from the AFC Richmond team and their beloved coach.

Will There be a Ted Lasso Season 4?

Jason Sudeikis Vague on the Topic

Despite indications that season 3 is the final season of Ted Lasso, series creator and star Jason Sudeikis has offered vague comments in response to queries about a potential fourth season, stating that there are “more factors than myself” to consider when making decisions about the future of the show.

Conflicting Answers from the Ted Lasso Cast and Production Team

Besides Sudeikis’ enigmatic answers, there have been other indications from the Ted Lasso cast and production team that the series could go beyond season 3. Executive producer Bill Lawrence has revealed that the decision to keep the sports comedy alive is in the hands of Sudeikis and the show’s producers. However, Brett Goldstein suggested that the third season is being written as the show’s last.

Sudeikis Confirms Ted Lasso Season 4 to be the Last

In March 2023, Sudeikis seemingly confirmed that the forthcoming season of Ted Lasso would be the last. “This is the end of this story that we wanted to tell, that we were hoping to tell, that we loved to tell,” he told Deadline.

What Would Ted Lasso Season 4 Be About?

Sudeikis Hints at Plot Possibilities

While Sudeikis has been relatively tight-lipped about a possible fourth season of Ted Lasso, he has dropped hints about potential storylines. He believes that the season 3 finale of the show will leave fans feeling content with the series’ wrap, but seems open to exploring further plot possibilities in future seasons.

Brett Goldstein’s Pitch for Season 4

Goldstein has offered one potential plot suggestion, although he jokingly pitched it as a dark and unlikely turn for the series. The fifth season of the show is set to premiere in October, meaning that there could be a long wait before any official confirmation of a fourth season or any further Ted Lasso-related spinoff projects.

Will There Be a Ted Lasso Spinoff Series?

Strong Indications That Spinoffs Are a Possibility

Many members of the Ted Lasso cast and production team have dropped hints that the series’ world could be further explored through the medium of spinoff shows. Several potential character-based spinoffs have been mentioned, and the show’s Chairman and CEO has said “there’s also a way to crack open a door if [they’re] fortunate enough to do more.”

Goldstein Hints that Ted Lasso Season 3 Is Not The End of Series

Goldstein has suggested that while season 3 may be the last for the show, closure does not necessarily mean the end of the series entirely. The writers have always seen the show as a three-act structure, meaning that there could be potential for further stories involving the characters of Ted Lasso.

What Would a Ted Lasso Spinoff Series Be About?

Possible Plotlines for Spinoffs

The possibilities for spinoff series are endless, and have included suggestions such as a continuation of Coach Lasso’s story in Los Angeles, a series focused on Sam’s life in Nigeria, or an offshoot series focused on a newly created AFC Richmond women’s football team. The possibilities are endless for the world of Ted Lasso.

Closing Thoughts

While it’s unclear at this time whether there will be more Ted Lasso to come, fans of the show can rest assured that the world of AFC Richmond and its memorable characters will always be a beloved part of TV history.


1. Will there be a season 4 of Ted Lasso?

While there are no official plans for a fourth season of Ted Lasso, the show’s creators and cast have dropped hints that there could be potential for more down the line.

2. When is Zatima set to premiere?

The Sistas spinoff Zatima is set to premiere on BET+ on Thursday, September 29th.

3. Could Ted Lasso get a spinoff series?

There have been many hints dropped that Ted Lasso could get a spinoff series exploring other characters or plotlines within the show. However, nothing has been confirmed at this time.

4. Who decides whether there will be more Ted Lasso?

The decision about whether there will be more Ted Lasso ultimately lies with series creator and star Jason Sudeikis and the show’s producers.

5. Will Ted Lasso ever return to AFC Richmond?

Without giving away any spoilers, the door has been left open for Ted Lasso to potentially return to AFC Richmond or reunite with his beloved soccer team in future stories.


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