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PKI Management Tools are Essential for Your Business

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Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is a term to cover everything related to establishing and maintaining public key encryption. It’s the entire infrastructure. Open to everyone, PKI encrypts all the data. 

PKI ensures the validity of users, services, cloud infrastructure, or devices. It increases network security and is the basis of all internet-reliant things. It’s an essential part of every enterprise-level organization—but it’s also complicated to manage manually. 

That’s where PKI management tools come in. 

PKI Manager for Enhanced Cybersecurity

More than 60% of all corporate data was stored in the cloud in 2022, according to Statistica. That’s a lot of essential and possibly sensitive information to track and maintain. It’s also incredibly hard to maintain for any business with more than a few dozen certificates.

Although the global cybersecurity workforce is now a whopping 4.7 million people, according to (ISC)² 2022 workforce study, it’s not quite enough. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of cybersecurity workers. The same study indicated a need for over 3.4 million security professionals. That’s an increase of more than 26% from 2021. 

That shortage may leave large organizations with fewer people to handle the never-ending responsibilities involved with PKI. Too many businesses are managing their PKI with spreadsheets, internal PKI, and certificate authority (CA) tools provided by their CA. 

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Complicated Systems Can Fail

It’s an inadequate solution, whether due to labor turnovers, mislabeled, or missing information. Those complicated systems of manually managing PKI could result in the loss or theft of customer data due to a lapse in security. Hackers could exploit accidental lapses and can then perform man-in-the-middle or phishing attacks. 

In 2017, for example, Equifax had an expired certificate that disabled a monitoring system, allowing hackers to transfer sensitive information for more than two months. Of the 324 expired certificates involved, 79 of them were used for devices watching critical domains, stated a Sectigo report.

PKI management tools use one panel to manage PKI. It helps ensure an organization’s compliance and helps keep customer data better protected. 

Create the right team and educate them about the correct processes. Divide teams based on location or internal team and assign user roles for streamlined tracking. 

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Importance of PKI in Business Security

The top goal of PKI is ensuring the identity and security of the user or device in question. Once a user or device is verified or authenticated using PKI certificates, those authorized individuals or devices are allowed admittance. 

Verifying devices and users on the local network makes it harder for online hackers and thieves to gain entry. The result is better security and a reputation for trustworthiness among users. 

Finding a robust and reliable PKI Manager, such as the one offered at Sectigo (URL), can significantly enhance your business cybersecurity. PKI demands attention. From routine scans to calibration schedules, there are many tasks to complete. 

A trustworthy PKI management tool handles your organization’s public and private digital certificates. For example, the Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) finds, issues, renews and helps manage the digital security lifecycle from one universal dashboard. 

Enhance Your Security

PKI management tools help enhance and uphold business security. Consider your current security strategy and the potential benefits of integrating reliable PKI management tools, such as Sectigo. 


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