Prominent Christian Evangelist Pat Robertson’s wife Dede Robertson dies at 94

Christian Evangelist Pat Robertson Dead at 92

Prominent televangelist, Pat Robertson’s wife, Adelia “Dede” Robertson, passed away on April 19 at their home in Virginia Beach. She was 94. The founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and their four children announced her passing. Although the network did not give a reason for her death, they called her a champion of the Gospel and a remarkable servant of Christ.

The Life of Dede Robertson

Early Life and Education

Adelia “Dede” Elmer was born in Columbus, Ohio, on December 3, 1927, to middle-class Catholic Republicans. She studied social administration at Ohio State University, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Meeting Pat Robertson

In 1952, she continued her education at Yale University School of Nursing, where she received a Master of Nursing degree. It was there that she met M.G. “Pat” Robertson, a student at Yale Law School.

Marriage and Life in Ministry

The couple got married in 1954, eloping to avoid parental disapproval. They embarked on a journey that included living in a roach-infested commune in New York before Pat Robertson bought a tiny television station in Virginia that over the decades would become the CBN empire.

Role in Christian Broadcasting Network

Dede Robertson became a founding board member of CBN and played an influential role in the leadership of the Christian network. She was always working behind the scenes to help her husband.

Paying Tribute to Dede Robertson

The Robertson Family

Gordon Robertson, one of Dede’s four children, and the president and CEO of CBN, paid tribute to his mother. “Mom was the glue that held the Robertson family together,” he said. “If it weren’t for Mom, there wouldn’t be a CBN.”

Her Legacy

The Christian community mourned Dede’s passing, paying tribute to her unwavering commitment to spreading the Gospel through her life. Eulogies poured in from across the evangelical community, appreciating Dede’s remarkable influence as a woman of faith.

Pat and Dede Robertson’s Legacy

Christian Broadcasting Network’s Formative Years

Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network has grown from humble beginnings as a purchased TV station to a powerful network and service organization for millions of people worldwide. The network carries religious programs and engages in other charitable causes that continue to impact many lives to this day.

Robertson’s Charitable Work

Pat Robertson’s humanitarian work and charity organizations, including CBN, have impacted the world. He joined with Operation Blessing International and other organizations to help people in impoverished nations, providing medical care, building schools, and digging wells to bring fresh water to areas lacking in clean water resources.

Legacy in American Politics

Pat Robertson’s brilliant oratory skills made him a popular Christian evangelist speaker. He also played a significant role in American politics, running for president in 1988. While he was not successful in becoming the President of the United States, his legacy in politics continues to inspire many Christians.


With Dede Robertson’s passing, the Christian Broadcasting Network and the world of evangelical Christianity have lost an influential leader. Her outstanding achievements, dedication to her family, and unwavering commitment to her faith will be cherished. Dede Robertson will be remembered for her contribution to CBN and the Christian world.


1. What is the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)?

CBN is a global Christian ministry with offices in countries all over the world. It was founded by Pat Robertson and his wife Dede Robertson in 1960.

2. What causes did Pat Robertson support through CBN?

Pat Robertson supported various charitable causes through CBN, including disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and education in underprivileged areas. Robertson’s actions through CBN have affected millions of people worldwide.

3. What is Operation Blessing International?

Operation Blessing International is a non-profit organization founded by Pat Robertson that provides disaster relief, medical aid, and other charitable services worldwide.

4. What was Pat Robertson’s role in politics?

Pat Robertson ran for President of the United States in 1988 but was not successful. He played a significant role in American politics and continues to inspire many Christian politicians.

5. How will Dede Robertson be remembered?

Dede Robertson will be remembered as an influential leader in the Christian Broadcasting Network and the world of evangelical Christianity. Her dedication to her family, her commitment to her faith, and her remarkable achievements will be cherished.


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