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Geeks ULTD Press Kit

Geeks ULTD provides info for every movie and TV fan: from die-hard cinephiles, and casual TV watchers to Netflix bingers! We have all the news you need about your favorite entertainment with reviews of new releases as well as editorials that keep fans informed on what they should be watching.

Geeks ULTD is the ultimate authority on all things entertainment, tech & News. We provide info for die-hard cinephiles, casual TV watchers, and Netflix bingers alike with reviews of new movies & shows as well editorials about what you should watch tonight sequels that were better than expected!

If you are looking for trusted entertainment news and information, GeeksULTD is the site to visit. With over 19 years of reporting on movie/TV industry affairs, they have become one of a few sites that can be mentioned when talking about reputable sources within this field

Their articles have been featured or sourced at major media outlets such as The Digital spy, Asus, n4g, Toms hardware, Gizmodo, Inverse, The wiki, Gamenguide, ETC.