Nintendo Releases Super Mario Odyssey Game Trailer - GeeksULTD

Nintendo has been showcasing a ton of games this year at E3 2017. The company has been very active as keeping their fans engaged. The company has enjoyed some amazing success so far with the launch of the Nintendo Switch. In fact, at it;s launch the Nintendo Switch was the best selling console in Japan and the US.

With Nintendo trying to keep fans engaged with their platform, here comes another Mario title. We knew for quite a while that Nintendo is working on Mario Odyssey, but here’s the trailer in action

Mario Odyssey takes Mario on a new adventure in an open-world environment. Nintendo fans were really excited to see their beloved Mario finally step in an open-world environment. Being a first-party title, Nintendo is giving it their all to make their console even more compelling to users.

Super Mario Odyssey is set to release on the 27th of October 2017 on the Nintendo Switch.