The EXPERIENCE: The How to Build a PC Guide!

Ok so as you know PC Parts aren’t cheap especially when you are an enthusiast. I am commonly on the search and lookout for the cheapest prices around the market and sometimes when you get your parts you need to make your rig look great! Some newcomers to PC have a hard time finding the right parts and the right prices. Even if you get the right prices, is the seller trusted? Here’s my full guide to kick off your upcoming PC Build!

Optionally, we recommend you to set your budget in mind just that you are sure how much you wanna spend on your PC. So get your budget set and jump in to see and get an idea which parts you need!



There are two ways to plan the parts you need to build your PC:

PCPartPicker: For those who are building their first PC, this is an excellent online site that helps you find compatible parts for your new PC. Head over to PCPartPicker.com now. If you want to save some time check the “Alternative Method” below.

Note: The currency is in USD be sure to convert your budget to MYR before using PCPartPicker.com tool!

Alternative Method: So if you have been building PCs for some time and have the experience you must know how to choose the parts. Just to save some time. Here’s what mainly matters to be compatible:

  • Make sure your CPU and Motherboard share the same socket (If you chose an LGA1150 CPU then you need a motherboard that has an LGA1150 socket)
  • Will you use a CPU Cooler? This is one of the most overlooked aspects when building a computer. If you are gonna use a CPU cooler then you may want to buy low profile RAM. Some common low-profile RAMs are Crucial Ballistix and Kingston’s HyperX Fury RAMs. Secondly, make sure that CPU cooler is compatible with the socket on the motherboard.
  • Make sure you are using the right type of RAM (If your motherboard uses DDR3 RAM then BUY ONLY DDR3 RAM and make sure it is Desktop RAM ONLY! Others won’t work. Capacity and Latency does not matter at all if you are using one stick only. If you are wishing to get 2 modules of RAM! Try to get 2 modules of the exact same RAM just to ease any later issues)
  • Make sure your Motherboard will fit in your case (Motherboard come in sizes, the standard sizes are M-ATX/ITX and Full ATX so if you are going for a full size or mid-tower case ignore this but if you were going for a small sized case you really need to be careful, make sure it fits into your case)
  • DON’T SKIMP ON YOUR PSU! CHOOSE YOUR PSU AFTER ALL OTHER PARTS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN- This is one of the biggest overlooked stuff for the first time builder! Ok in Malaysia there is no shortage for awful hardware! You could find a 500W PSU for RM50 but that is not really 500W capable! Get your PSU from a reputable manufacturer only! and make youre you are getting ENOUGH WATTS and ENOUGH AMPS on the 12V rail! I would really recommend consulting any of the retailers listed below as a compulsory step. They give excellent ideas and help you in choosing your PSU.

The rest of the compatibility of the parts doesn’t matter!



important-opinions-stampOk, so the parts you have confirmed are compatible. If you are an experienced builder, you know what you are doing. For the first time builder ask in Forums and on Facebook for opinions.

Try looking for reviews on Youtube and on Google relating exactly to the parts you are buying. This helps you know the strengths and weakness of the parts you are buying.

Some common websites are

They all provide excellent reviews. If you wanna save the hassle of looking over each site! GOOGLE IT!




So buying parts in Malaysia for the first time builder isn’t such a good of an experience. Don’t just go out to the shops or even Lowyat Plaza to get your parts. Sellers would say any type of lie just to sell their products.

  • Online Shopping- As a compulsory step I look for the lowest prices! Go online and do research for the prices of each product on Lelong.com.my. This has the most updated and lowest prices because of the competition so this is the best place to start off!
  • After you got the lowest prices you really need to head over to www.Lazada.com.my they are an excellent all-rounded site with PC Hardware included. They provide a lot of coupons. Try to find coupons on their mobile app or their desktop site. Use their coupons and you’ll surely save a lot of money! They also are trusted and also have the option for COD and have the option of 14 days return back which is unbeatable even when you have opened the product with RM0 or a low shipping fee.

If you wanna go yourself or need some extra facilities there are very excellent PC Hardware Shops out there! Some of my own personal suggestions are:

  • TMT Online/ThunderMatch Technology
  • TechView IT Solutions

Some other highly recommended retailers in Malaysia:

  • Jayacom
  • Ideal Tech PC Sdn.Bhd (These guys have the best service and goodies)
  • APES.my
  • DotaTech IT Enterprise

In my opinion, these are the best PC Shops with the best service and guidance with unbeatable prices!




Ok so you built that kicker and now it’s running, what happens if you got such an awesome PC but no aesthetics? Well thankfully this large community of PC Enthusiasm has brought many ways to pimp up your rig!

  • LED Strips- The cheapest way to pimp some lighting into or even under your PC.
  • Cable Sleeving- Now you’re talking about modding and a clean PC! This my personal preference to do. Even though its a bit more costly than LED Strips
  • Paint- Geek out! This is where you repaint either the whole case or paint some areas of your case giving it a whole new look. There is also a paint called Plastidip which is an excellent type of paint which could be removed easily if you’re bored with the color.
  • Stickers- Well there is no shortage of stickers out there! You could pick up stickers from almost anywhere and pimp it up to your taste and are the most cost-effective way to give some shine to that new rig of yours.

This list is endless! just as the endless possibilities a PC does have!

Ok Usman, so where do I get these modding goodies?

  • Revoluzion Technologia- Simply excellent and unbeatable! with a return rate of 0% and while providing a staggering 3 years of warranty! They provide cable sleevings for your PSU to give you that awesome clean look! WE EXPECT TO REVIEW THEIR CABLES SOON!
  • Lelong.my- This is where you’ll find almost anything. Dive in and check out what could you get
  • Emarque – These guys are the all in one place for your pimping. Damn these guys are awesome PC modders, they have the cable sleevings and everything to make your rig unique!



Attention Tips!

We know anyone could pick up parts. But some people buy new parts, while some people would opt for used parts Whether you get new or used hardware make sure of these tips below:

  • Every single part you buy, new or used, make sure the seller gives you the receipt.
  • To stay out of risk, opt for a product that is under warranty!
  • Don’t be fooled by the word “warranty”, since not every problem is covered under warranty, which is the main reason I opt for new parts. If you are going to buy used parts, make sure the seller is giving you a personal warranty as well!
  • DON’T SKIMP ON YOUR PSU, Try to get a good brand PSU and please consult any retailer above. KCAS is a good PSU in my eyes, I personally use it and is one of the cheapest options out there! I have used the 600W one with a 280x paired with an FX 6300 in the past.
  • CASH ON DELIVERY IS KEY FOR USED PARTS: If you are buying any product offline but need shipping for the product, never ever Bank-in/transfer the money first!

I hope that was all the information I could provide! It did take me time and I wish this helps everyone and people. And please try to improve us. We aren’t ashamed!

Usman Abdul Jabbar

19, Tech Enthusiast, Founder/Managing Editor at GeeksULTD and a Competitive Counter Strike Global Offensive player with aims of learning about web servers, web designing and computer hardware. Believes console exclusives are incredible and is still a strong follower of the PC Master Race. To contact me, follow me, or even constructively criticize me, contact me however you feel is right!
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