Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 is Faster Than GTX TITAN X – Benchmarks

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 is Faster Than GTX TITAN X

Nvidia will roll out the GTX 1070 on 10th June, 2016. According to the FireStrike benchmarks by VideoCardz, the GTX 1070 is about 3% faster than the previous-generation enthusiast-grade GTX TITAN X in all resolutions, 4k (FireStrike Ultra), 1440p (FireStrike Advanced) and 1080p (FireStrike Standard).

At 1080p, the GTX 1070 scored 17,557 points while the TITAN X scored 17396 points. Similarly, at 1440p, the GTX 1070 scored 8327 points while the TITAN X scored 7989. And last but not the least, at 4K, the GTX 1070 scored 4078 points against the TITAN X’s 3862 points. The performance lead was the greatest in 4K.

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The GTX 1070 will feature 8GB GDDR5 memory along with 1920 CUDA cores and 120 TMUs. The memory will be clocked at 8GHz @ 256 Gb/s. The card will cost $379, while the Founder’s Edition (Reference) model will cost a $70 premium, for $449. As stated above, the 1070 will hit the markets on 10th June, 2016.

Via: VideoCardz



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