Nvidia’s GTX 1080 to cost £619 (USD $900) in the UK

Nvidia recently, announced the new all-new GTX 1080 which claims to outperform a GTX 980s in SLI for the price of a single GTX 980 which was retailing for USD $600 some time ago. The internet raged for its excellent price and its performance considering a GTX 980 in SLI will cost a grand, granted the fact that a GTX 1080 will cost $699 for the Founder’s Edition which really seems like a great deal for those who have been craving the SLI performance for some time.jpg

But the hyped users in UK aren’t very happy with the pricing that landed there in the UK which reveals a price tag of £619 (USD $900) and above which is a huge bummer for those who were about to upgrade their SLI setups. According to the prices on Overclockers UK, the pricing is pretty steep when compared to the $699 price tag for the US. However, the graphics cards aren’t available as of now but soon will be.

Nvidia's GTX 1080 to cost £619 (USD $900) in the UK 1

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