Rumor- Samsung is working on developing a Surfboard

Samsung Galaxy Surfboard – Is it True?

Samsung Mobile Brasil posted a video on Youtube in which they’ve teased the Samsung Galaxy Surfboard. On the first sight, it looks like a normal surfboard, but it has some good technological features in it.

The Samsung Galaxy Surfboard, as seen in the video, features an LED screen, which is powered by a Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone stored inside the surfboard itself. In the video, Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina is seen surfing in some hefty conditions and he uses the LED screen on the Galaxy Surfboard to deliver messages.

While all this seem a bit pointless, the LED on the surfboard is actually pretty useful. It provides live feed of the water conditions. It will show the wave quality, weather condition and wind direction. It can also help newbies surf easily. It’s like a smart surfboard. But is Samsung gone to far with this? Adding connectivity to a freakin’ surfboard?

No statements can be made about this until the actual product has been released. Well, let’s sit back and see what happen.

Afrasiyab Khan

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